Sunday, January 6, 2013

Here Comes the Taper

I don't think that today could have gone any more perfectly if I had wanted. A gloriously mild winter afternoon for logging 20 miles.

Not going to be sad if that is my "training" slow pace
Oh wait, my stomach was a slight disaster at times but I finished running almost 4 hours ago so how quickly the mind forgets; especially when on runners high.

Pretty sure the stomach issues were the result of Friday nights "dinner" marshmallows and teddy grahams. Chocolate to be specific. It was a delicious sugar shock to my system and a couple days later was definitely still feeling it. But, whatever, I know for the real show three weeks from now I won't be eating crap at all leading up to it and do not anticipate the same issues (fingers crossed).

But overall from start to finish, my body felt great, my mind was in it to win it and had the race been today, I would have kicked some ass, I am confident in that.

We tried to keep the pace slow and hovering around 10 min miles and were having a great time catching up and running together - it had been since before the holidays so we were a little excited to be together again. There were some middle miles that were a bit slower and some that were a bit faster but overall it felt easy. Towards the end the last few miles I had so much energy! I can't help but think that this is a fantastic thing and that I hope my body mimics this come race day.

Being winter we also didn't have water fountains on during our route which meant that fueling went a little something like this: shot blocks prior to start; gu at mile 4; bought a bottle of water + another gu at mile 12; then sipping water for the remainder as I carried the bottle. So umm as my post run weight loss of 10 pounds showed, I am plenty dehydrated and the goal is to have 4 gu's throughout the race. I more held off because my stomach was being so testy throughout.

I also didn't listen to music until the last 4 miles it was great just being present in the moment. I am trying to do this more and more lately to focus on how I am feeling rather than get totally lost in the moment. That is great for some of the runs but I just felt it was important to be focusing on how my body felt; my stride and foot fall and breathing.

I just can't believe that in November I was saying no way no way no way will I ever do a full marathon...and here we are 3 weeks from now I will be a marathoner (God willing there are no disasters race day).

So now it is time for the infamous "taper" I am thinking it will be a good reprieve from all the mileage while still running most days. If you are curious I have been following Hal Higdon's Intermediate I plan. I had used his plan for my first half marathon a few years ago and found it a great guide. I decided to go with the intermediate plan because I was already logging marathon training mileage; just without going over 12 miles in my runs on the weekends.

I loved the moderate run Saturday followed by the long run Sunday with the thought that your legs would be tired so; you wouldn't go out too fast, and they would be a little bit tired going into it. Hoping to mimic race day conditions. I followed it about 90% I would say. I juggled some rest days (which came to bite me in the ass a couple times) and added/subtracted mileage (more add to be honest hehe) as needed. I think it set me up for a great race day.

So taper taper taper time! I think my legs will be nice and rested come the marathon. And this coming Sunday have a nice 10 miler (which I will add 2 miles to for my long run goal) to set myself up with a race a couple weeks out which I think will be great for that race feeling since it has been a few weeks.  

Oh and no more marshmallow and teddy graham dinners. Noted. Sorry stomach.

Obligatory gorgeous sunset.

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  1. Good luck at the Central Park 10 miler! I'm using Hal Higdon's Intermediate Training Plan for my redemption half-marathon in March -- NYC Half! So glad you've liked using his plan for marathon training.

    As not-perfect-for-long-distance-runs as teddy grahams and marshmallows might be, that sounds delicious. And now I want that!