Friday, December 7, 2012


Today I got into a conversation with someone I used to "date". I put that in quotes because I learned after the fact he was never faithful. And brags about being unfaithful to his current girlfriend. She is a crazy in herself so that works. But, bullet dodged. Big time.

We were going back and forth over something petty (I have no idea why I responded today but call it Friday and ready for the weekend after a super tough work week). I made a comment about how the way it went down was all for the better because we were clearly on different paths in life and never would have worked.

He wanted an explanation (that I finally happily provided) and what it comes down to is he just isn't good enough. Last we spoke he was not on a career path, was complaining of being depressed, had no personal life, did not live a healthy lifestyle and was just waiting for something better to be handed to him; because you know that is how it all works.

God my family would have eaten him alive.

But the point of going into that was realizing just how damn HAPPY I am. 2012 has been an amazing year to me. I am on a fantastic career path. I genuinely enjoy waking up every day for work. Sure I get tired and in that respect can drag. But, I am excited for all the opportunities that lie before me. I busted my ass to get where I am and it has been worth it all. I have made sacrifices to get there and do I regret long hours? Not for one second.

And then of course there are the gains I have made in my personal life aka this whole little thing I am obsessed with, running. It has become a beast in my life and the joy and sense of satisfaction I have cannot be described. I improved my half marathon time by 15 minutes in a few months this year. Focus, dedication and determination. Just like I know what I want in my professional life I know what I want to achieve in running. I have goals that span the next few years in focus.

In one month and 19 days I will toe the line at my first marathon. Something I proclaimed up until a couple months ago that I "just wouldn't do". Yeah yeah I know. I already have my sights on ultras so distances are out there to be conquered.

So as pointless and dumb it was to have that conversation with him, all it did was remind me just how hard I worked. To be proud of myself. That when I really buckled down and set my goals not really knowing how to achieve them or believing I would; that hard work a lot of sweat, some cursing and tears later I have accomplished them.

And never fear, I have a whole new set of goals I am ready to conquer. I look forward to taking them down one by one.

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