Sunday, December 23, 2012

If It Was Easy...

Everyone would do it.

That is one of my favorite quotes when it comes to marathon training.

And it couldn't have been more applicable today.

Training today called for 20 miles.

I had a feeling that those 10 mile days that I was banging out all week long and a 7 miler at half marathon pace yesterday would come back to bite me in the ass.

And it did.

I let myself just kind of ease into the day. No alarms, I am trying to let myself get as much rest as possible since I am clearly pretty exhausted between work and training at this point in time.

I didn't get myself together until after 11 this morning. My bad.

I also didn't eat a legit breakfast just a pack of shot blocks as I have been doing before longer runs recently.

I was finally out the door and off running. I also stupidly didn't account for the fact that I was about to conquer 20 miles in mid day Florida sun. So prepared.

The first few miles I was just trying to settle into a groove. At about mile 4 though I realized that holy shit (pardon the language) I was pretty hungry. I had to wait until mile 6 to have a gu because I needed to be at the water fountain.

I took a roctane for super caffeinated powers and it did help a bit but I knew this would be a rough run.

I was pretty much hungry the whole time and was just counting down the miles to get to the halfway point and over that hump.

I took another gu at mile 10 and again I used the espresso since it has twice the caffeine. Helped for a bit but at this point I could tell I was getting really dehydrated and kind of cursing myself for being so dumb.

My legs were slow I could tell that they were overloaded. Plus I could not hydrate nor had I fueled properly.

But I kept on pushing on. I know you are supposed to run long runs sloooow but seeing my pace at 10 and over just really got to me mentally and I was feeling like a failure. Stupid I know.

I took the final gu that I had brought around mile 14 and just focused on staying hydrated.

I let myself take a couple walk breaks because I was feeling a tad light headed but other than that once I hit 16 I just wanted to rock it to the end and be done. And after what seemed like eternity I was home and 20 miles were DONE.

And all I could think about were: water, a peanut butter sandwich and getting in the pool. Which all happened within a few minutes of walking through the door.

I learned a few lessons today.

Distance running is no joke and to not be a moron and not plan out your fueling strategy. While in theory I used the same I did for the 18 last week, I wasn't accounting for the fact that I have not run in heat and humidity in quite some time. My body was already pretty beat up. And also I wasn't starting until mid day I should have had a proper meal for breakfast prior to the shot blocks.

Also sunblock. I have acquired some unbecoming tank tan lines. 3.5 hours in mid day Florida sun will do that. Argh.

The best news - I didn't stop AT ALL for the bathroom. Not once. Stomach was amazing today. I couldn't believe it.

On another note. I have not gone to the bathroom since before my run and have probably had a gallon of water (tmi but whatever). I am a tiny bit concerned. Hi dehydration nice to meet you again.

But all in all. If I could accomplish 20 today in less than ideal conditions. Tired legs. Not properly fueled. Then I can't wait to see what I pull out for the marathon after a full taper.

I couldn't be more excited (and yes I know my excitement basically escalates on a daily basis - 5 WEEKS!)

Another successful training day. So proud of this.


  1. Nice run! I feel like fueling is always such a delicate balance and so much goes into it, like the weather you're running in and how you're feeling that day. So impressed that you pounded it out despite feeling under-fueled!!

    1. Thank you and I agree, every day can be different! On one hand - super happy that I logged 20 miles with out stomach issues but on the other - oy! definitely didn't think through the heat/time of day and such. But figure it was great practice for Miami next month!