Monday, December 10, 2012


Yesterday between the cold, rain and my ankle/Achilles still "hurting" I nixed the long run for an easier one of half the mileage. I am still not 100% health wise and figured 3 hours running through cold and rain was probably not the best decision of the moment. And no way I was doing THAT much mileage on the treadmill. I had to throw in the towel at 9, womp womp.

So that has turned today's cross training day into a run day! This rainy Monday morning kept me in bed all cozy avoiding the darkness; and tonight I am leaving work early to attend the AFCA awards (black tie FTW!) where our commissioner is receiving the Coach of the Year award which means lunch turned into....RUNCH! 

Get it? Love it!
I am lucky enough that we have a gym at work so I decided to put that to good use. I rarely take lunch away from my desk so figured I deserved a sweat session. Plus it is going to be a long day. And the endorphin kick is definitely needed half way through a rainy Monday!

The reason I don't usually take advantage during lunch is because I don't do shorter mileage. So that means getting in more than 4 miles isn't usually possible during a lunch workout. Good thing today's was just an "extra" workout! I am tacking on extra mileage all weekend so come Friday I am ready for a rest day and high mileage weekend. 

I kept it short, sweet and super schweaty. Intervals always get that heart rate bumping! Check this out:

Some serious arm sweat there!
I'm sure all my coworkers love seeing me in my sweaty glory :)

Now a little more work then a lot more play time! Can't wait to get dressed up tonight!

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