Saturday, December 22, 2012


I did not realize just how exhausted I was until today.

After a lot of travel yesterday I finally made it to my parents house at 2am this morning. Yikes. But SO happy to be in Florida at the parents for Christmas. And for warm weather, obviously.

I left work (after sneaking in a 30 minute lifting session in the gym, shhhh) at 4:30 do the math, not arriving at the house until 2am = a LONG day/night.

I woke up as per usual at 6am on my own but then turned over and went back to sleep. I did the same thing when I woke up again at 8; and finally wandered out of bed at 10:30. It was glorious. I cannot recall the last time that I stayed in bed that late actually sleeping! I usually feel too guilty with all the things I can be doing to stay in bed.

So I got up, drank some coffee, enjoyed some sunshine and pretty much went back to read/nap an hour later.

Merry Christmas to me. Thank you snowbird parents.
After hanging out with this handsome guy of course.

Fine, take my picture. I know I'm adorable.

I have missed my little Lucio so much! Best puppy ever.
It took me until 2 o'clock to feel normal and motivated to run. Well, the run part was with a little guilt from my father. As I was just futzing around he says to me "aren't you going to work out today?" Thank you dad. Getting right on it.

And workout I did. Marathon training called for 5 miles at marathon pace (I am going aiming for 9:30 for the marathon...or something like that I am hoping I can pace faster). But it was so beautiful I couldn't help myself, I just went for it.

Oops? Let's hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass during 20 tomorrow...
It was one of those runs where you are pushing yourself but it just And who can help it but pick it up when this is what you are running next to:

Oh winter how I do not miss you.

Love. Happiness. Sunshine.
I wanted to push myself a bit also since I am training in the cold of NYC for a marathon in January in Miami which means I am going to be acclimated for cold weather running not hot. My breathing was definitely a bit more labored than it has been, which can also be since I haven't been doing too much at that pace or it could be the Florida weather. Either or, it felt great. 

So now I have homemade pizza and Christmas movies with the fam before getting to bed early to rise for a fun LONG run of 20 miles tomorrow! And then doing a whole lot of nothing but lounging around. Between marathon training and working OT each week at work, I am obviously just a bit run down. These few days away from home came just in the nick of time and are just what the doctor ordered!

Backyard sunset view.


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