Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Girl That Runs A Lot

I cannot begin to say just how much I have gotten this lately.

And I am a little proud of it. 

If you have to be known for something you mine as well be known for something you love!

I've been using my work gym a lot lately and been doing doubles - spreading out my mileage between lunch and post work. (Four 10 mile days in a row - FTW!) 

So now I have become a "regular" down there - there aren't many that use it, no idea why it is so convenient and nice - so now they see me at the cafe or around the building and exclaim "it's the runner!". 

Then I was buying some groceries after my run the other night and the cashier always asks me how my running is going - and a random man next to me goes - "that is how I know you, I always see you running!". 

Fair enough. I will take it. 

Running and racing have definitely become part of my identity. When I have been catching up with friends for the holidays a lot of them ask me about my running (having seen posts on facebook/instagram) and the progress I have made this year is definitely something I am proud of. 

As the year winds down and I plot out 2013 I am SO excited for some new adventures on the horizon. I'm attempting to not be too ambitious but let's be real once this marathon is over and I see how I do - my goal for the NJ Marathon (oh yeah, that happened) is obviously going to be to go for a PR. 

Side note - am I cocky in just assuming I am going to kick some ass in Miami, or is that a good mentality to have...not sure but with the way training has been going I am super positive about how it is going to play out (also ask me that after I do a 20 miler Sunday in Florida).

So yes, I guess I have become "the girl that runs a lot". 

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