Sunday, October 21, 2012

Going With the Flow

What a lovely little weekend this is turning out to be.
Finally got off my ass from relaxing and headed out for a run in the afternoon yesterday. It was absolutely gorgeous out, but I still kept it short. I purposely waited until it was late enough that I wouldn't have too much time to run with having to get home and ready for our date. I actually felt like I was running super slow but in the end my pace wasn't awful.

These babies are so fall appropriate!

It was a gorgeous fall night out so wound up meeting up at the PATH when he got in from the city and, just starting to stroll up Washington debating where to settle for dinner. Somehow got lost in conversation and wound up all the way up town at The Madison. One of my favorites, so I was perfectly fine with that!

Had a really good dinner, a wasabi panko crusted grouper that was absolutely delicious! I was definitely a happy girl. I don't go out to eat much because I prefer knowing what exactly is going in to my food, so am happy when I do that it is well worth it.
We then started to head back down town to go to find another bar to continue our night but be able to actually talk - we were at dinner for a couple hours so by the time we left it was after 10 when a lot of the places start upping the volume of the music making conversation impossible. Wound up at another one of my favorite places, The Brass Rail. Love it there, for another couple of hours. Finally realized just how late it was and decided that it was time to call it a night. 
I've been so focused the past few months on weekends with racing or training and such that I haven't really had a "normal" weekend where I didn't have to worry about being out late, drinking or what time I had to wake up in so long that I very much have been enjoying this one. Nice to have it thrown in every once in a while. Especially because in about a month or so I will have to be doing REALLY long runs with marathon training! plus the next three weekends coming up I have early wake ups for each.

Had a nice lazy morning - no alarm set, let myself sleep in (you know, 9:00, crazy kid that I am!) stroll for coffee before getting my day under way.
On the agenda for today is brunch, some Giants football and of course food prep! Look at all this goodness all set for the week:

Grilled chicken, roasted acorn squash and carrots, washed and cut spinach and broccoli - some kepts fresh and some frozen. I am set for the next few days until Miami!
Still haven't decided whether or not I am going to run today. May take a rest day may run a few shall see if the spirit moves me later on or just how things are going. But some times it really is nice to just sit back, and, just breathe.

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