Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Official


I registered for a marathon. ING Miami Marathon January 27thhere I come!!!

My absolute resolve that it was not on my “list” or “radar” for the near future was clearly a blatant lie. Over the past couple of weeks I had been feeling slightly sad to not have an active goal on my agenda. For months all I could think about was coming back from my injury, training my butt off and getting a sub 2 hour half marathon. First one of fall, I killed it just under 1:55. I of course was elated and giving myself high fives for my awesome training program but then was a tad depressed and lost with the “what do I do now”. 

I ran the half the following weekend at 1:57 and of course I have 5 more left this fall; including traveling to Miami for the Halloween Half as well as back to back Saturday/Sunday: the Trenton Half Marathon and the Verrazano Festival of Races Half November 10th and 11th. So there is some fun as well as a big challenge. But I still wasn’t feeling complete. 

I had been planning to travel to the Bahamas for the Bahamas Half Marathon the weekend prior to my birthday. Then I got in to my head that I should run the full in the Bahamas – and my running buddy was more than game for a destination race. After much research and debate though; realized only a little over a hundred people ran the race last year and running a first marathon alone at times may not be the best situation mentally. Half marathon on my own, no problem. Double that…and I think we may have some issues come mile 20 or so. 

Thankfully I know many experienced runners…and enter in the suggestion of Miami. Perfect because not only is it the day before my birthday, but, my sister lives there, and is contemplating doing the half. So vacation, family and marathon all rolled into birthday weekend? I’m 100% in! And literally had us registered that afternoon. No backing out now! 

The gauntlet has been thrown. (and money spent!)

Now the goal is to get through fall and all these races and figure out when to begin to add in some mileage on the weekend long runs/races. I have plenty of time and have a solid base which is great and to my advantage. It is not as though this is something I pulled out of thin air. I am doing a lot of weeks 30-40 miles and think I am good to go. 

I cannot wait to call myself a marathoner! I smile ear to ear every time I think about it.
So now, how have I stacked up to my schedule I threw down earlier this week:

Monday – Night 5-6 miles – 6.05 miles @ 8:31
Tuesday – Morning – lift / Night – 3-4 miles – legs/abs morning and 4 miles @ 8:34 night
Wednesday – Morning – lift / Night 5-6 miles – fail on the lift and 5.5 miles @ 9:37 night
Thursday – Morning – lift / Night 3-4 miles – fail and fail I needed a rest day
Friday – Morning 4-5 miles – well morning didn’t happen I was still beat tonight planning on 5 or so
Saturday – Active rest/yoga – turning in to a 3-4 mile day
Sunday – Grete’s Gallop – Half Marathon – and race, obvi!

So, I started out the week great! I don’t know why I was doing those first couple runs so speedy but it felt good so I (literally) ran with it. I did a pretty tough morning session on Tuesday and that on top of another speedy run at night, left my legs hurting Wednesday. Hence choosing to not gym it for weights in the morning. At night I ran with my buddy and we tackled the 59th Street (Queensboro) Bridge. 

Image Source
Mother of god. My legs were on fire already and they felt like lead during this run. Not cool. Enter Thursday. I was supposed to have a date at night but we rescheduled due to him being sick. I took that opportunity to throw in a rest day. Work has been crazy and I just needed it, and a night of sitting in front of mindless television. After an awful night of sleep (thanks drunk neighbors) I slept in and will be hitting the treadmill at work tonight for a few. I also decided to run with my friend tomorrow just some shake out miles I think I will need it. Still a tad sore.

Kind of excited though – date has been rescheduled for Sunday post race since he lives near Central Park. I foresee a lovely little (sweaty) brunch in my future!!

So overall, I will continue to be writing out my schedule ahead of time I think it is a great tool and keeps you focused but I am also happy that I am not beating myself up for not sticking to it 100%. I by no means slacked off but I am feeling on the verge of a cold and throwing in a rest day was definitely for the best. I am realizing there is not point to running if it will run you down.

So here we have it, made it to Friday!!! Hope that everyone is having a fabulous day and has some fun lined up for the weekend!

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