Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Week of Highs and Lows

Boy was this past week an emotional rollercoaster! It is amazing how many highs I hit followed by some lows. The good news is that the good stuff severely outweighs the "bad" (and really not that BAD) and I am in pretty high spirits.

So let's discuss this jam packed week.

The good:
  • Dinner with the President of my company - I was so thrilled to get these few hours of time with her. She is pretty amazing and extremely open. The only thing she asked of us she invited (there were 4) was that we be open and honest. Done and done.
  • Annual review (actually FIRST review since I have been there - and I started March 2013) which couldn't have gone any better. Management gave me a glowing review and we talked about the direction I am going to go professionally the next couple of years and basically, good things are going to come. Happy because I have worked my tail off and it is recognized.
  • I SIGNED MY LEASE - and am moving from Jersey to Queens! SO EXCITED. There was a super stressful 24 hours after applying fretting I wouldn't get approved and would be homeless (lol) but got accepted to all apartments I applied for so had my choice of what I wanted. (sorry to anyone who I snapped at during that 24 hour period, my bad).
  • I will group this in: I am heading to Florida for Thanksgiving and a week with my family. I am so so so ready for a little getaway and warm weather. I am over winter and it hasn't even begun yet.
The bad:
  • As stated in my previous post, I have to go gluten and dairy free for 3 months. My initial reaction: make the cheesiest pasta I could for dinner. Mature, I know. December 1st it's on.
  • Decide with marathon #3 on the horizon next week to go to the podiatrist because my foot has hurt for a while now. Diagnosis: stress fracture - that is weeks old since it showed on an x-ray and a potential new one. Also tendinitis. Let's just say I am not running 26.2 on 11/30. Bummed but I've known something was wrong for a while. I prefer to tough things out but my gut told me to not run this marathon and get an opinion. So I've gained a lovely new fashionable boot. At least it is keeping my foot warm, right?
It really was a rollercoaster of emotions this week but I have to say I am so so so happy about the move that everything else is...just whatever. I have been wanting to move from Hoboken, and into my own place for a LONG time now (I've been in the same apartment since 2007 and have roommates) I am desperate to be on my own. I have a ginormous new place - and will be moved in just in time for the holidays!

And I think with the boot on and all that I can safely say I am a little over marathons at the moment. I am happy to step away and look at other goals. I am not happy with my body so am going to be hitting the weights/barre/yoga a lot more (and am cleared for all that with the foot, just no running or crazy jumping etc.) but that is all for another post.

In the words of Olaf: All good things!

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