Monday, June 30, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 3

TECHNICALLY I am not supposed to be running. 

I had a mole taken off a few weeks ago and the biopsy came back not so great so I had to go for an excision. They wound up using internal dissolving stitches as well as 4 external that will be removed in a couple weeks. 

It was on my upper back area near my shoulder blade so I was told it wouldn't heal straight if I ran or did a lot of twisting. 

I did take it easy through Friday but when I got out of the danger zone of thinking a stitch would pop and honestly the scar isn't straight anyways...I did some easy paced running. And all on the treadmill so that I can focus on just hitting EASY pace and kind of reign in my arms. (was actually really good practice for form since I am an arm swinger!)

Monday - REST day (went and had it done this morning)  

Tuesday - 60 minutes on the ARC 

Wednesday - 30 minutes on the AMT then an excellent hour Open Flow class at Exhale Central Park South (I really need to start reviewing all the studios I am visiting, thank you ClassPass I am ALL OVER the city and enjoying it!)

Thursday - REST day. Again. Who am I? Not much of a question these days actually. Tempted by date night. Usually wiiiiiins. Plus work was a BITCH. I was up until 11 dealing with bullshit. 

Friday - ANOTHER yoga class. This time a Level 2 hour at Yogamaya. I really loved this studio. 

Saturday - I had a chaotic Saturday...and couldn't stand not running. So I ran 6 miles, then went to a bridal shower, then ran another 6 hours, then went to an engagement party. Saturday was tiring. Running was amazeballs. And 12 miles made me not feel awful about not running all week (because clearly if you don't run for a week or two you won't ever be able to again).

Sunday - Ran 2.5 speedier miles and walked another 3 miles on an incline while using 7.5 pounders and getting some bicep/shoulder/chest work in.  

Total miles: 14.5 

Obviously this is a total low mileage week but look I took yoga twice! I really want to make it a more regular thing. 

And yes, I suck at listening to the doctor. Womp womp.

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  1. Oh dear, naughty naughty :P I think I would be the same though.....definitely ran way sooner than the doctor said after my wisdom teeth were taken out, but I am glad you are listening to your body as well. Be smart :)