Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday #3

It's about that time folks! Thanks to Becky for hosting each week, I have so much fun thinking back on all the ways big or small I have treated myself. 

Lately I have been trying ALL the classes due to the beauty of ClassPass! They had a special going on that if you purchased prior to Memorial Day then instead of the 10 classes per month - during summer it was unlimited classes per month! Best investment ever. And with the typical class anywhere from $25-35 in NYC - even going to a few a month is 100% worth the investment. So I have been trying to sign up for classes at all the studios I hear about. I will definitely share my thoughts on that in a later post. 

I then went on a little bit of a shopping spree. Loft kind of reeled me in at a week moment. Between upping my CC limit and having a zero balance on that card...I decided it was time to do some damage with the major sales going on. I made out like a bandit getting about $800 worth of clothing for a little over $200. Victory, right?

Then I realized my regular "commuting" black ballet flats were getting a bit rugged looking so I had to replace them...and unfortunately another pair of wedges found it's way to the cash register. Don't you hate when that happens?

My youngest sister who I was just visiting in Miami was up for the weekend so we had a really lovely sisters night (other sis lives in the city). She brought her pup up with her so HE got the pleasure of walking around NYC (and the luck of getting in to the city and off the train from Jersey a couple hours prior to the Rangers game...oh the craziness at MSG he was shell shocked!). So her pup met my sisters new pup and we had a great night of catching up, ordering tapas, drinking beers and obviously selfies for my Mom!

And finally with all these gorgeous days happening I've been treating myself to some ice cold brews. There are SO MANY new ones to try that I just can't help myself. And so refreshing especially after a hot hot run. Luckily this girls tolerance is pretty much zero so I am good with just indulging in one MAYBE a second but honestly I rarely finish it because the first one has me buzzed #cheapdate

And there we have it! I love TYT! Although mine are HOPEFULLY going to be a little bit less shopping heavy. I am in savings mode at the moment as I am planning a move and want some money in the bank! So I shall be getting a bit more creative in the treats which is also fun to remember it doesn't have to cost a lot to be a treat or special. 


  1. So many treats and holy cow on the clothes deals!!! That's a huge win right there! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. I love getting clothes deals!! Always the best. I've been shopping a bit too much before my trip next week haha oh well...

    I'm also a cheap date! No joke after a beer or two I'm buzzed. Hey, less calories also!