Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 4

Ah so 4 weeks are done. That sure did fly by fast. One month and my marathoning desire is still a wee bit lacking. Actually what is lacking is just the desire for running long. Other than that I am wanting to run! But that whole "long run" thing...is it really essential? I kid...

Monday - 4.5 miles. Nothing of note about these. I did some speed bursts that is about all I've got to report.  
Tuesday - Day. Of. Rest. I like these. 

Wednesday - 2 miles. I was staying overnight in the city at a hotel impromptu. Because it was pouring with rain. And I can be lazy and I've got some connections. Did I mention I am lazy and Hoboken is SO FAR AWAY when it is raining. But about those 2 miles - the hotel gyms treadmill was stuck on an incline, so that sucked. 

Thursday - 2 miles in the morning + 15 min weight circuit in the morning. 5 mile progression run in the evening. Again another dreadful run on that treadmill. But the evening run - Oh so perfectly executed! (9:37, 9:05, 8:57, 8:49, 8:42) - I felt pretty good about myself after this one! 

Friday - Happy July 4th! I took an Uplift Strength Class with Jen again (taught by Chelsea - loved her, holy energy!) in the morning then did a 3 mile run in the afternoon. 

Saturday - I was heading to my parents so I did a super quick morning run. 20 mins 2.32 miles of fun (8:51, 8:31, 8.13 (.32) was pretty pleased. Attempting to do short runs faster since I am lacking on structured speed work these days. 

Sunday - Was at my parents and long run fail. Hills of Warren, NJ = suck fest run. And hot (that is what happens when you wake up at 6am but procrastinate until 10am in the summer...) I made it 4 miles in 40:48. Umm I shall try again next week. 

Total miles: 23

I need to buckle down and get better this next week. And stop wussing out on the long runs...shit needs to click and quickly. I may not have a serious time goal for fall marathon - minus a PR which means under 4:26 - but I don't want to be under trained for it.  

I also need to structure better and more efficiently. I want to get back to 5 days run, 1 cross train, and 1 total rest. With 2-3 strength training in there. 

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