Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WIAW - Miami Edition

This is oh so long overdue but I have been wanting to share some of the deliciousness that happened while in Miami!

Sadly I was too ravenous on a couple occasions to take out the camera. 

Namely the last dinner that we went to at Jaquar - seriously if you are in Miami, Coconut Grove, do yourself a favor and go there. Between the endless ceviche and pisco sours I was stuffed (and tipsy) by the end. 

My day there we were off the plane, stopped by my sisters apartment to drop off my bags and then on a walk down to the water to hit up happy hour and an early dinner. 

Cannot get any better than some cold beers with a view, am I right?

The next day we wandered off to a great brunch. There may have only been 3 of us but boy did we do some damage. I like ordering with like minded people - none of us could make up our minds on what we we each ordered 2 dishes. Totally approve. 

However, I think my favorite part BY FAR, was our adventure down to Florida City. My sisters friend mentioned a farm stand with all types of exotic fruits and I was sold, I had to go. Luckily my sister had been there before and was up for the adventure. Enter our trip to Robert Is Here. It was seriously amazing. 

Look at these gems that we found! 

We couldn't wait to get home to taste test, so we didn't. They drilled us a fresh coconut to drink and we dug right in. Oh. So. Good. 

Just thinking about it, I want to go back immediately.

Commence flight searching. 


  1. I love exotic fruits so clearly I need to go to Miami and go to that fruit stand ASAP!

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