Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 2

Another week down! Just okay with how this week played out. I still feel like I am not in the serious portion of training as I am not running THAT long (when marathon training "long" run is relative - I don't truly count long until past half marathon distance when going for 26.2).

Still focusing on getting in the consistent mileage (and wanting to actually run) as well as continuing strength training. I am more sore from those sessions than the running workouts!

My stomach issues are the root of why I am not wanting to run. I have such a sense of trepidation for how my stomach will be and how many bathroom stops (and vicinity) I will have to make that I am spending the majority of the time on the treadmill out of fear. Sad because it has been so lovely out. 

Monday - 5.25 miles - an easy run with 4 x 30 hard efforts - legs finally felt better. 

Tuesday - Uplift + 3 mile run. Note - for one of the 4 minute Tabata's we did ALL BURPEES. I suck at burpees. Or so I found out. Another 4 minute plank series and realizing I honestly have shit core strength. Must continue to work on. The 3 miles were easy and glorious. 

Wednesday - Swapped out rest day. Saved my run for night and I was beat after work.

Thursday - Speed work.  6.15 miles. Planned 6 x 800 - my stomach was really off so after the first 800 I changed it and did a farklet workout. "Speed" paces between 7:30 - 8:30. Just felt off the whole time. Overall pace though was 9:05 so that was good. 

Friday - Cross Train I was beat - 60 minutes on the Precor AMT one of my favorites.

Saturday - Met up with Jen for a strength class at Uplift. Amazing class per usual. Walked miles that afternoon so didn't wind up running. 

Sunday - 8.3 miles - long run. Nothing much to say. My stomach hurt - only 2 stops. Sigh. 

Total miles: 23 

The next couple weeks will be lacking in runs as I had a minor procedure and have stitches in my back and was told I can't run. I pretty much do not plan on listening to that. I kept being told it would ruin the "aesthetic" and wouldn't be a pretty straight line scar. My response kept being but will they RIP OUT? If it's looking pretty only then sorry Doc in a couple days I will run (easy though nothing intense...) 

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  1. Oh Chicago is on my running list!!! I absolutely love that city and I know I will run the marathon "someday!" I look forward to reading about your journey and what your experience will be. Good luck!!