Monday, June 16, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 1

First week has come and gone. Only 17 more of these recaps to go. Almost there, right? 

It was a pretty decent week workout wise. Plan altered a little but such as life and I am more winging it this time around while loosely following last years training schedule (just making sure to log those miles!). 

Monday: 3 easy miles 

Tuesday: 5 miles with 8 x 30 second pickups 

Wednesday: 7 miles - planned on 2 mile w/u then 3 x 1 mile repeats but as I went into the first I couldn't get any turnover and instead just picked up and dropped the pace every 1/4 mile. 

Thursday: Uplift Strength class. LOVE. 

Friday: rest day fail - 6 miles - in the morning was brought to my first November Project workout thanks to Emily (and met Ali finally!!!) we did a partner workout - one would plank the other would run around the pier (Hudson River Park @ 10th) x 5 
It was rainy and oof planks for dayssss. 
And the I ran WSH for a while. 

Saturday - Oakley Mini 10K - no goals except to see if running easy would help me not have to stop for the bathroom. No dice had to stop at Mile 4. But fun race regardless. I planned on extra miles but my stomach was shot and ever sounded way better ;-)

Sunday - my knee was a little bothersome which is strange so hit the precor AMT for 60 mins then walked for 25 mins on an incline doing some arm/shoulder weights. 

Total miles: 27 

Even though I technically didn't have a rest day last week I am counting yesterday as one. My HR was super low and it was very low impact. But definitely planning on one this week. As long as no one asks me to partake in fun workouts on my rest day that is! 

Path to Chicago is underway!!! 


  1. I am on that same path! Yahhhoooo! It would be great to see you there afterwards :) I had a rest day last week too, and I am trying to make the most of them as there are not many left! Lets start hoping the weather is nice for us this year :) Will be watching your training as you go :)

  2. Oh, the siren call of fun workouts ;) Looks like a great first week of training! So excited for you to experience the magic of Chicago :)