Sunday, May 4, 2014

What I've Been Up To Lately

I've been a bad bad blogger lately. 

Partially because my life has been pretty routine. And part because I don't really share too much of my personal life on here aka relationships which has taken up most of my free time outside of training. Gotta keep some things private right ;) 

So on the sharing front I've been holding back. But I am here and for the most part things are great! 

There was a crazy month of work - we had layoffs and while I was safe, I was also on the back end of things as far as knowing what was going on and planning for it all. One of the harder things that I have had to do professionally (side note - I do not work in HR and bless everyone who is in HR, it is TOUGH). 

Okay so lets see what HAVE I been up to exactly?

I have been base building and trying to get my running consistent. Especially important since this has happened:

After not getting into the NYCM through lottery (still considering running with TFK again). I threw my name into the Chicago Marathon - and got in. I figured, I couldn't NOT do it, so yup Marathon #4 coming at me in October. Which, is going to be an insane month I might add. First weekend one of my college BFF's is getting married, then the marathon and then a week after my running BFF is getting married - AND I am in her wedding. Hello to a packed October!! 

So for now my goal has been to hit 30 miles a week. I was signed up for more races after the NYC Half but only wound up running a couple of them. To be honest work had me beat by the weekend and I have been battling a non stop cold and exhaustion. So a couple times I woke up to less than stellar racing conditions and totally bailed. #sorrynotsorry I hate running in rain, wind and cold. 

I did however run a decent race yesterday (minus sucking at tangents) even though I could barely breathe so that made me happy. I am confident that come marathon time and fall running I am going to be ready to throw down on my PR's - if not sooner.

Newport 10K

I was covered with more snot than sweat by the end of the race. Who says running can't be sexy???

I am running another 10K this Saturday and a 4 miler Sunday - and am hoping to feel better and test some speed out better in both (although 10K will be in Central Park vs. Newport which was totally flat). And then on for what was one of my favorite races last year - Brooklyn Half Marathon!!! woo woo!!!

Minus 7:00am start time. Hello to 4am wake up.
After the NYC Half I was thinking there was a chance of PR'ing this but honestly with how work went and umm perhaps a little too much happy hour'ing I am pretty positive my body is not ready for it. But I am hoping to run a sub 2 at least. Time will tell but I am not putting pressure on myself at all. I have not been doing focused training.

Let's see what else. There has still been a lot of time spent at one of my favorites, Body Pump!!!
Stacks of weights are my favorite. As is squatting more than the men.
There has also been a lot of seeing my picture posted with TFK for the NYCM. Can't say I don't enjoy it. Must have been the bow ;)

#famous - or something like that
And then of course, it is FINALLY SEEMING LIKE SPRING. I am ready to be off the treadmill a lot more and on the streets. Yes, I like the treadmill. Yes I do double digit runs on it when the outdoor conditions are not to my specific liking. But the return of these views = sayonara treadmill and hello river runs.

Holla NYC.
Tomorrow I am kicking off an Advocare 24 day challenge - thank you to Becky for reaching out to me to join in. I am super excited to use this as a kick off for marathon training (and umm beach body mission because yes I am vain and no I am not ready for bikini season and am headed to Miami for MDW).

But more on that to come tomorrow! (what what two posts in two days - I know believe it when it happens). For now I must decide if I have either one final adult beverage or coffee before giving both up throughout the challenge. 

Decisions, decisions. 

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