Friday, January 30, 2015

Time to Lose Some Weight

I haven’t gone into too much depth on the blog about it but I know I have glossed over it in discussing running; my weight.

I grew up overweight and it escalated in college and after. It took me a few years post college but eventually I pulled it together and lost a huge chunk of weight ~70 pounds or so (not necessarily by healthy means). Then I moved to Hoboken and eventually put some back on yay drinking #allthenights.

The summer before I was turning 30 (birthday is January 28th, I just turned yet another year older!) I saw some unflattering pictures and knew I wanted to get my shit together once and for all. This time around it wasn't just losing weight it was to stop partying and grow up a bit. I was tired of 2am ridiculous nights multiple times a week. Changing lifestyle completely was necessary to grow. 

Enter weight watchers. With the help of WW I got to a weight and body that I was pretty happy with and eventually transitioned to counting calories. However, since the end of 2012 I have put on about 10 pounds or so that I just cannot seem to get off. Clothes aren’t fitting as well, and just as importantly to me I have not run as well as I did that fall race season since putting on the weight.

It doesn’t make me unhappy per say but it annoys me. So last week I decided to bite the bullet and rejoin weight watchers. I have continued to track calories daily but am thinking maybe I need to go back to the points system and shake things up again. Doesn’t hurt to try right? Also my body has just been a mess with the IBD flare and as the medication is kicking in am hoping it is a good time to work on shedding the weight. 

My goal weight is actually 10 pounds or so below what I was a couple years ago which I don’t think is that crazy. The weight I got to last time around was just below the cut off for an "overweight" BMI - so I think I will possibly always be on the higher side of the "appropriate"weight for my height due to muscle but plan on having my body fat tested as well soon to focus more on that in the long haul. 

I am back to lifting pretty consistently and trying to build muscle so may not get there weight wise but I DEFINITELY have a layer of fat that needs to go. This isn’t me being judgey of myself, this is the truth. I am not comfortable in my skinny jeans! I will admit that I have negative body issue thoughts that creep in -  I don't know if I will ever fully negate those coming from being an overweight child to obese in my early adult hood - I definitely have a skewed image of what I look like at times.

Doesn’t hurt that I have back to back bachelorette weekends in the beginning of June to be bikini ready for either for some motivation.  Nothing like thoughts of lots of beach pictures hanging over your head to work on a goal. I am vain I can readily admit. 

So with my first weigh in I am down -3.8 pounds. Note I was DEFINITELY up on the initial weigh in due to having my period so I know I am less bloated for one but hoping for a consistent weight loss throughout. 

So here we go! And of course I picked the most fun week to begin tracking. Snow days, my Birthday plus the Super Bowl, figured challenge myself as much as possible off the bat, right? 


  1. I'm planning to cut out sugar post-Super Bowl (my half is that day so I can't very well not eat junk food!). Wishing you lots of will power!!!

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