Sunday, January 18, 2015

Embracing the Suck

This was a tough week running wise. 

My goal was to have 4 running days NOT all bunched together (I ran 5 in a row last week because of poor planning). 

Problem was earlier in the week I was really struggling with energy and stomach issues with the new meds so it took until Thursday for me to finally run. I just stuck to easier cross training workouts in the beginning of the week. 

The good news is I still hit 17.3 miles in 3 runs! Last week I hit a mile more in 5 so that's a positive. 

And on the bad news front again today's 9 miler was not without walking breaks. 

I had slacked on weights most of the week and missed my body pump class yesterday morning because yet again my stomach was a mess for an hour or so and could not get out of the house - so decided to do my own circuit. And apparently I kick my ass more than a class does because when I started running this morning I was FEELING it. 

I also wore my wave riders which for me just feel clunky on the treadmill (it was sheet of ice and sleeting when I wanted to run at 7:45am so no way in hell I was attempting the roads) and that didn't help the dead sore legs. 

I am just trying to be patient. I am really only 3 weeks back to "running". I am eager to get back to the roads but a) I am a cold weather wuss and readily admit it and b) I moved to a new town and am anxious about finding a route with bathrooms in an emergency situation.

I always tell people new to running that it is imperative in the beginning to pace yourself, go slow build the endurance etc etc and I find myself constantly needing to remind myself of the same. I may be a "seasoned" runner but I still am starting back at it and it is not easy.

I am waiting until running is more effortless to begin the spring race sign up. I feel like yes I could struggle through a half at the point but I don't want a strugglefest race. I obviously could also get through 5K and 10K's but really want to be more competitive so am still holding off on the registration.

Minus the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile - I keep forgetting about that one! 

Still feeling slow and clunky and just blah but just waiting for it all to click. I feel like each time I "come back" after some time off, however short, I get slower and slower. I took a break at the end of 2013 and pretty much the same thing happened I was slower and never really regained the speed. I am hoping if I continue to focus on shorter distance that it will be easier to regain versus if I was to try and dive head first into training for a full. 

It has to all click eventually though, right? 

Fingers crossed it does. And soon. 

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  1. It will click eventually! It always does, right? Your body is still going through *stuff* and it might take longer than a normal base building period but I'm sure it's going to click soon.