Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm Running Again!

I’m baaaaack.

To running that is.

A week before Thanksgiving I found out my foot pain was not only a stress fracture but tendinitis. Yay!

Insert running ban and boot and backing out of marathon number 3 for the fall Space Coast. While I was bummed I was also okay (plus biked it as my sisters personal cheerleader that was an amazing experience to be on the other side). 

Ever since Chicago my stomach had been miserable (minus NYCM I somehow was pretty much okay for that race the God’s blessed me and figured battling the wind and cold was torture enough). Mentally I was really not up for racing anymore. And, Florida running is always a struggle fest for me in general (yet I sign up for races year after year down there).

Anyways enough with getting off topic.

What I actually am getting at is I am officially back on the running bandwagon!

This past week’s mileage was 18.36

The week prior was 17.35

I am sloooowly but steadily bringing the mileage up. I would like to get to a comfortable 20 -25 miles per week and sustain that as my base for a while adding in more true speed work and such.

One thing that I will say is that coming back from time off sucks. Holy lack of running fitness and I wasn't even off that long just shy of a month. And I cross trained and strength trained my way through injury. But I am slow and sucking wind when I speed up. I know it will come but I find it amazing how much deteriorated. As I slowly make my way through sucktasticly awful runs I remember this is what it was like being a newbie and take my own advice that I always give: slow, go slow and stick with it the endurance and speed will come in time.

I want to continue through January with this base and then will debate plans as far as races. I do not see being in any ideal race shape but there are a few that would be fun that I have my eye on. I enjoy races and am okay going in with no expectations. But more on my 2015 goals another day.

For now I can confidently say that running and I are officially back in a pain free relationship and that makes me happy. 

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  1. I'm so happy you're running without pain and enjoying it again! I can't wait to hear what your 2015 goals are :)