Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Knew This Was Coming

If you have read any of my posts, follow me on Twitter or Instagram or we are Facebook friends then you at some point have undoubtedly read about my “bathroom woes”.

Long ago I went to a doctor who was super unhelpful and didn’t make any sort of diagnosis.

I’ve continued to go through cycles of torture for the past 3 years or so. Months of being fine followed by months of being in pain and having my quality of life drastically effected (as in must know where ALL the bathrooms are at all times).

Basically this go ‘round started up again the first week of October and has been awful since. This is what I am dealing with (might be TMI but well kind of too late for that!): either constipation or diarrhea, lots of blood, constant bloating and gassiness and always feeling like I have to go. I haven’t been “normal” in the bathroom since the weekend prior to Chicago. It sucks. A lot.

After that dreadful Chicago I made an appointment but work and life kept getting in the way and I kept rescheduling until I finally forced myself to go last night.

I then got quite the stern lecture. I know what is happening is not normal, I mean hello blood all the time, but how many people want to have intimate conversations regarding their gut and going to the bathroom? (okay can’t lie I am very open with my sisters about it but you know, SISTERS).

So she is sending me on my merry way to a new GI doctor and I know I am in for a colonoscopy (does the fun ever end?) and she said most definitely an IBS or IBD diagnosis (which I have suspected for a long time).

We talked about what could be done in the meantime – since most likely post diagnosis they will start me on some sort of drug regime – which leads me to what I knew was coming and avoiding – trying out going gluten free and dairy free for a minimum of 3 months and taking probiotic (align).

I have always maintained that gluten has no issue with me. But then again I have never avoided it. Because, HELLO all the good foods and I know I don’t have an allergy so I thought being gluten free was silly.

But it is time to embrace it. See if it helps. So as of December 1st (sorry I plan on enjoying Thanksgiving with my family in Florida and have a marathon 11/30 and will eat what I normally do prior #allthegluten) I will go on the gluten/dairy free bandwagon.

I do think I am sensitive to dairy and do avoid it a lot but this time, all in. Sigh.

But first I shall go on a pasta and pizza eating, beer drinking, ice cream consuming binge (and yes I know there are gluten and dairy free versions of EVERYTHING but it is like my last supper – or just an excuse to be a glutten).

And I will definitely be soliciting advice of those who are knowledgeable. I know this isn’t the end of the world but still sad pants.

But the good news is if it doesn’t make me feel any better I can jump right back on the gluten train…March 1st


  1. Crossing my fingers for you that this clears things up! Or rather, crossing my fingers that it's the dairy versus the gluten. Glutenous things are so good...

    1. I KNOW! gluten free alternatives just seem sacrilegious so here's hoping this gluten thing won't be permanent.

  2. So sorry to hear that you're suffering so much! I'm really hoping that the new GI doctor will be able to help. And I can't say I blame you for binging a little bit before December 1 ;)

    1. Thank you, it has been tough, a lot tougher than I've let on, and I am definitely ready to try and get a handle on it. But first some holiday celebrating :)