Friday, October 10, 2014

Pre Chicago Marathon Ramblings

Okay so apparently fall marathon 1 of 3 is happening on Sunday. When did that happen? I feel like I was waiting forever for it to finally get here and then BAM.

This week I was too preoccupied with the fact that I was sick and then work was crazy to really think much about the actual race itself.

I don’t really feel any pressure to throw down a PR performance. Goal is to finish feeling strong.

I think if the stars align as I line up race day morning that a 4:15-4:20 performance is possible (PR is 4:26). My second to last training run that I did was the NYRR 18 Mile Tune Up + 2 miles to hit 20 and I hit an avg 10:11 pace for that (3 loops of CP hills feeling strong, is confidence boosting) – and most of my long runs I did slooooow as molasses in the 10:30 – 10:45 range so I think a 9:30 pace (which I did a lot of my pace runs at or faster) is in my reach.

However, I have been feeling “off” and been sick.

I skipped my long run this past weekend due to being bed ridden for 3 days. I ran twice this week. Neither felt stellar. I just want a clear head and clear lungs and have OD’d on cold meds and pray for that.

Stomach issues went away for quite some time – however in the past couple weeks things have gotten “messy” again (TMI but lots of blood and cramping it hasn’t been fun) so not sure how it will behave come Sunday morning.

In an effort to see if it would help iron levels I went on BC for the first time ever 3 weeks ago. And I hate it. Like hate with a passion. For someone who doesn’t get any PMS symptoms let’s just say my boobs are larger than ever and hurt (super fun when marathoning) and I’ve had cramps for like 2 weeks. I’m not amused but also in the long run want to straighten out my iron levels and if this will help than I am all in. But know that I have a rocky couple more months ahead of me potentially. But my body just feels off and doesn’t help the whole running thing.

Now that I have overshared…

Basically I did not train for some crazy PR performance, I trained to be able to do the distance. Last year sucked the life out of me and the joy out of running trying to go sub 4.

On one hand I worry that I will be sad if I have my “worst” performance (4:31 or slower) but on the other I know it was not in me to do the work this time around. I loved all of my runs MINUS the long runs this cycle. I had to spend quite some time talking myself out of bed for the majority of them. While I did have a few really great ones once I got out there, I had a few really shit ones. Which is how it goes pretty much in training.

So basically what am I rambling about?

I am hoping that Chicago is a day filled with joy for running.

I hope that I don’t struggle through the race. And I hope that my body doesn’t rebel on me (stomach) and I can ENJOY the experience.

I am hoping that for my first time in Chicago – I have an amazing experience. I have heard so many great things about the city, and hope that it is everything it has been talked up to be!

Here’s to miles of smiles! I’m coming for you Chicago! 

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