Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Long Weekend Necessities: Bikini + Running Shoes

I finally made it to my family’s beach house in Belmar, NJ for the FIRST time this summer. I took a long weekend (Monday off, YES!) filled with perfecting my tan, running along the boardwalk, wearing a bikini for about 10 hours each day and not stressing about anything (well until I made the mistake of looking at my work email on Monday afternoon, ugh).

Commence, weekend perfection, pictorial style. 

Shark River Sunsets
Relaxing on the dock with a book + coffee = evening wind down
Back drop for morning workouts 
Views from a lounge chair 
Fully embracing wearing a bikini for the day. No pants FTW
Evening walks along the boardwalk
Super moon!
Our guests who seem to have taken up residence on our dock
Simple salads, and The Good Wife
Mulit colored sun rises. Leaving was so hard.

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