Saturday, August 23, 2014

Long Run Success!

I swear that I approach every long run with equal senses of dread and excitement. 

I wanted to head straight to my beach house after work which meant I wouldn't be able to run with my friend Lindsay again and her group in the city Saturday. 

So I did what any normal person does, I sent out an SOS on Facebook, obvi :)

And I lucked out. My friend Faith who is a super runner and coach (like BQ kind of runner) is summering about 2 miles from me and we arranged to meet up and run together! 

I woke up at 5 ate a Clif bar and chugged a bottle of water then dozed off again for a while before getting up at 6 to get ready. 7:00 I was out the door and on my way. 

The weather was perfect. Slightly cloudy and overcast. A tad windy. Only like 70% humidity. Fantastic conditions at the Jersey Shore! 

I ran a mile or so to meet up and then Faith had us do some drills for a dynamic warmup. I never really do them and it is definitely something I should add in. And then we were off. 

Luckily she was willing to run my pace and also kept me highly entertained throughout the run. I was feeling pretty good for the most part. My hip has been bothering and she stopped to help me stretch out when it was getting bothersome. 

I had to make a couple bathroom stops this week but it was a difference between stomach pain and stomach being in shambles. So I wasn't upset by that. 

At 14 I left her and finished the last 2 on my own and was super happy with my splits. Negative split the run as well as nailed an average 10:30 pace - goal marathon pace is 9:30. I aim to be at least 10:30 if not slower, but want to do some with a strong finish to mimic pace on tired legs. 

Splits: 10:33, 10:40, 10:50, 10:36, 10:43, 10:58, 10:54, (10:30), 10:26, 10:17, 10:30, 10:27, 10:11, 10:03, 10:18, 9:58

After the run I walked home and hopped into the pool to chill the legs. (I forgot to unpause my Garmin one mile prior to the turnaround so missed mile 8. Oops)

Then proceeded to shower and eat all the food...errr or eat not much since there is barely anything in the house. Sad pants time a million. Runger nightmare. 

Never fear.  Delivery to help me out for dinner at least! 

I swear there is grilled chicken under all that mozz on the chicken parm!

Now super happy to have the long run done with and another 3 day weekend ahead of me. 

Hope you had a great Saturday! And Chicago Marathoners - I can't believe how soon it is!!!!

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