Friday, August 15, 2014

A Day in the Life

I have been seeing a lot of these lately. And given my life is absolutely awesome and eventful (or not...) I decided to jump on the band wagon! 

This was my Thursday:

3:00 – can’t sleep mind is spinning with how much I have to do before my long weekend. I do a load of laundry to check something off and hopefully fall back asleep

5:45 – alarm goes off – was wired at 3am and now am in a battle with snooze. Snooze is winning.

6:15 – work emails are exploding. I finally get up to get my stuff together for the day.

6:30 – cut up veggies for snacks, fruit and nuts for my breakfast and shake up some AdvoCare Spark for some energy for my run

6:45 – finally out the door – head to the bus to head into the city – decide to do my work out on the treadmill today since my stomach is feeling iffy

7:15 – NYSC finally hop on the treadmill and begin my warm-up and my legs feel like lead.

7:25 – realize with the first repeat my stomach is not going to allow me to go speedy. I decide to just run some random intervals – am unable to get below 8 min/mile without feeling like I have to stop. Decide I want to work on getting through the run without stopping so slow down to calm it when necessary. Stop at 4 miles avg 9:30 pace. Blah.

8:00 – Hop into the shower – realize work emails are still blowing up and am rushing around (although I generally am done with everything in 20 mins)

8:25 – Out the door work is a 7 block walk from this NYSC

8:30 – stop at Dunkin – the woman knows my order and has it waiting by the time I get to the front of the line. Victory! (it is the small things some times)

8:35 – walk into craziness – our news crew was gassed with tear gas and shot with rubber bullets overnight during the Ferguson protests – not going to be a calm day

9:15 – finally throw together my breakfast – whipped cottage cheese, nectarine, sliced almonds and sugar free maple syrup – I am addicted to this breakfast

10:45 – another coffee magically appears on my desk. I love my coworkers.

12:00 – start debating lunch. My lunch plans cancelled on me which means left to my own devices I won’t eat for another couple hours

12:30 – send out my crew schedule for the next month and then get vacation requests submitted for Labor Day. Good luck to me finding freelance crews to cover.

1:00 – impromptu strategy meeting. Stomach growling. Fill my water bottle and pray the water curbs hunger.

1:15 – it does not. Day dreaming about food and looking through seamless during meeting.

2:30 – meeting ends FINALLY. Officially at HANGRY status. Grab a sandwich and small salad across the street.

4:00 – Take a quick walk to see the boy and get another coffee, get back to work and I review my to do list of what has to become a priority for today I want to be out the door by 5:45 for a body pump class

5:50 – realize that my dreams of body pump have been dashed. Foiled by work again.

6:30 – miss any shot at the next class that is close to me start debating if I will just run some more miles

7:15 – order dinner for staff that is going to be working well past the end of their shift into overtime. Realize I am super hungry but really don't want pizza. 

7:30 – call it a day and decide I am not doing a second workout 

8:15 – Home and nothing looks appetizing. I start eating twizzlers and cheeze it's (role model right here) I have a shit ton of stuff to do. When I leave Friday morning I won’t be back home until Wednesday night. Long runs to think of and double check I have all my gear packed.

10:00 – get in bed, start an episode of The Good Wife (almost done with season 4, I LOVE this show!) go through my work emails and set a reminder to put on an out of office tomorrow – I plan to be unavailable barring emergencies for this long weekend.

11:00 – turn off everything and start to get anxiety about getting enough sleep. I have a bad habit of going to bed too late and struggling in the mornings. Set 3 alarms  to get up and run. Wanted to go to November Project but it is a solid hike up the west side at 120 something street – that will NOT happen. Lay in bed and realize I have to pee but really don’t want to get up. The struggle.

11:33 – last time I see on the clock before I finally fall asleep.

And that is that. Isn’t my life EXCITING?!?!

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