Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 10

Let's see this week was pretty uneventful - minus I had absolutely no speed any day whatsoever. But continued the trend of getting off the treadmill and outside! Did a yoga class but slacked on strength. Did some random core but not much else. Thank you work for making me miss classes. Life is tough. 

I also finally met up on Saturday with my friend Lindsay for her long group run and it was great to not only have a pace leader but to also not have to think about the route and just run! Gorgeous day out there. The fall like temps have been appreciated as well! 

Apparently the first marathon is a couple months away. Or so the calendar tells me. I am not feeling 100% ready but need to focus the next 4-5 weeks on the long runs to gain some more confidence. I know I will get through but I also know I would prefer to not struggle through. 

Monday -  3.55 miles @ 9:45 

Tuesday - Hour L2 class at Yogamaya with Bridgette - great class + easy 3 miles @ 10:00

Wednesday - day of rest

Thursday - 4 miles @ 9:30 total strugglefest 

Friday -  4.1 miles @ 9:46

Saturday - 14 miles @ 10:46 - we did the Queensboro Bridge + summer streets - good run and great company. Will never ever drink sangria + wine + Mexican the night before. My stomach was in shambles when I woke up. I have no clue how I made it through the run without stopping - again seeing glimmers of hope for my stomach issues! Even when I was a total asshole and definitely tested it. Would have liked to have gotten to 15 buuuut the beach weekend was calling my name #priorities 

Sunday - cross train - biked 15 miles - was going to run but trying to keep running down to 5 days - this was a nice change of pace. And I planned out a nice long run route. 

Total miles:  29.6 miles (counting running only) 

Bring on another week! 

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