Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 9

So this week was going great until the weekend. Finally got some good strength sessions in, working on making core work a priority - even if it just means a few minutes of planks a day and ran outside more days than not! Improvement! 

Saturday - planned on my long run with friends and the morning was chaos and I couldn't make it. I went out to do it but it was already late morning, sun full force and I decided to wait until Sunday. Spoiler alert, Sunday I had no motivation. 

So there you have it. I did not run long this past weekend...and I am okay with that. 

I headed to my beach house - FIRST time all summer thank you life - and got in some fabulous and much needed R&R. I had Monday off (finally putting some of my million vaca days to good use for long weekends) and wanted to just enjoy it. I do not think one missed long run will kill me or ruin marathon plans. 

One thing for sure - I will not be overtrained for this marathon season by any means ;)

Monday -  Rest day. I was beyond exhausted. 

Tuesday - 5 miles @ 9:05 / 10 mins of core 

Wednesday - Double day - morning 2.05 @ 8:46 / evening 4.25 @ 9:24 + lots of planks

Thursday - 1 mile @ 10:00 / Body Pump / 20 minutes on the AMT 

Friday -  3.5 miles + November Project workout - 10 burpees/ 10 pushups/ 10 mountain climbers + stair runs - repeat repeat repeat 

Saturday - long run planned. work and life got in the way - I went out to start and the sun was beating down and I said hell no and stopped. 

Sunday - 4.02 @ 9:46 + long walk

Total miles: 20 miles womp womp 

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