Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall Race Schedule

So by now if you have been following me, it is quite obvious that I am in training for the ING Hartford Marathon. Since you know, that is all I have actually posted about for a while now.

Sorry about that and the blog boredom.

But, I thought that I would enlighten about what I have planned thus far for the rest of the fall!

I had planned on integrating some races into the last few weeks of my lead up to Hartford but, unfortunately my marathon is on a Saturday and those races are all on Sundays. I have been doing some long runs on Sundays lately but as of the last one am trying to do them on race day so that I am "practicing" for the actual race scenario.

I am taking off of work the day before the race to head up to Hartford and pick up my packet and such and oh you know to REST, but am training my body for the long run on Saturday.

So, it is looking like my first race of fall will be the marathon! Here we have most of the "major" stuff on the schedule:

10/12 - ING Hartford Marathon

10/26 - Miami Halloween Half Marathon

11/3 - NYC Marathon (!!!!)

12/8 - Palm Beaches Marathon


That has all happened.

I knew that in the back of my head I would want to run NYCM because, well, like EVERYONE is.

Did I mention the reason I ran a full in the first place in January after months of swearing against it was due to NYCM training jealousy? Ha. What is wrong with me. Now this year I have managed 2 fulls and an Ultra and have put 3 marathons on my schedule for fall.

I am also doing NYC for Team for Kids. Last year I did 12 + 1 for NYRR but my membership wasn't valid until March 2013 and they WOULD NOT BUDGE on letting me in. #beyondirritated especially since qualifying for 2014 with 9 + 1 - you don't have to be a member until December 2013. But, whatever. I think it is about time to do what I love for a good cause anyway. Right?

I ran the Halloween Half in Miami last year with my sister (as Angry Birds FTW) and it was amazeballs. Probably one of the most fun races I have run. Even though I was crippled with severe stomach issues, and we missed the official start so our times were several minutes off. But one of the best races ever. I can't wait.

Then, I thought I would round it out with another Marathon and trip to Florida. How convenient that there was one for the weekend I was looking at!

Forget the fact that after ING Miami I swore I would never run another full in Florida. I say things like that a lot and don't REALLY mean them.

Plus my sister is probably going to run the FULL as well!!!! As her first full. I mean, perfection.

Then there will be random NYRR races like Ted Corbitt and such to round out my 9 + 1 just for the hell of it.

Clearly, that is a hefty race schedule.

I am only planning Hartford as a time goal race. If I hit sub 4 for this one I do...but if I don't I don't really have illusions that I can race full out another marathon that soon.

I am running a half the weekend prior to NYCM less than a month out from the previous full...it will be for fun and the shear experience.

Same for Palm Beaches...more of an excuse to get away than a goal race of any sort.

And there it is. Just in case anyone was confused by my lack of racing this summer...I will more than make up for it from October to December!!!

...and mind you I keep even asking myself how much I really enjoy marathons. I definitely can admit I am a little bit warped in what I set myself up for.

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  1. So many races, so exciting! I think it's really smart to say that Hartford is the goal race and everything else is just for fun :)