Monday, September 9, 2013

Hartford Marathon Training Week 12

I am going to use the term training loosely since well last week I was sidelined the majority of the week flat out with the flu. 

I stubbornly fought it but finally had to throw in the towel and ride it out. 

10 days later I want to say I am functioning at about 75% still not back to normal. 

The upside - when you don't run ALL the miles you don't eat ALL the food so I am a few pounds closer to race weight. Yay? 

Without further ado here is my (pathetic) week: 

Monday: 2 miles - tried to run, it was awful I was supposed to do 11 with 7 at MRP - laughable. 

Tuesday: 3 miles stubbornly tried to run again wanted to pass out. Then walked a mile and did 30 mins of XT 

Wednesday: 60 mins XT / lift - still attempting to "sweat it out" 

Thursday: REST finally gave up

Friday: REST yup more 

Saturday: 60 mins arc trainer / 60 mins stepper / 25 mins lift / Core - yup marathon at the gym - felt better but not quite at running kind of better

Sunday: my big return to running! Or so I thought. 3 miles: 9:26, 9:28, 9:30 - this sucked ass - congested, unable to breathe, this just plain hurt. Threw in weights and core and a shit ton of stretching and foam rolling. 

There it is. 

I can't even bring myself to think of my mileage. I can't remember the last time I ran fewer than 20 miles a week and even 20 would depress me. 

*Side note: 50 miles on tap for this week so bring it on* 

No long run. NBD just missed a 20 miler and only have 2 more long runs prior to taper. And haven't had a good long run in weeks. 

Needless to say confidence isn't at the highest right now. 

I know I am in marathon shape but cutting 20+ minutes off my time kind of shape...time will tell. 

I am definitely not ready to be at the intensity I was just before getting sick but just trying to stay as positive as possible. 

But lesson learned you can only have so many crazy work weeks on top of hard marathon training and thinking you can get by on only a few hours of sleep a night. Probably should have toned it back earlier on vs trying to power through. 

It always seems so clear in hindsight. 


  1. Just put it behind you and move on to your BIG mileage this week!! Hope you're feeling 100%!

  2. You were sick!! Definitely don't feel down on yourself. It's SO easy to let negative thoughts bring us down, but you've been training hard, and keeping a positive mental outlook for the next few weeks will mean a lot :)

  3. Don't beat yourself up! A couple of off weeks won't ruin your training. Just mentally gear up for your big week now (IF you're feeling up to it) and allow your body to rest when it needs it. tak care of yourself please :)