Thursday, May 16, 2013

That Time I Accidentally Ran 10 Miles.

And all of a sudden my thoughts of being super human untouchable by marathon mileage have really been dashed.

Ohhhh I'm feeling it.

I took Monday and Tuesday off from running after logging a decent amount over the weekend. Just lifting and ellipticalling for me (yes it is a word).

So yesterday morning I decided to log a little over 3 before lifting.

And then something glorious happened.

I was home by 5:30 last night.


I haven't even LEFT work that early in months. So to be home, and it be a gorgeous day...let's just say my thoughts were all on the miles that were about to be run.

My level of excitement was off the charts (I am also painfully aware how I have changed - previously my thoughts would be on after work happy hour, now I can't believe the years I wasted on that).

So,  I got home and after a brief photo shoot to capture this excitement, I was off on my merry way.
Nothing like a little neon to brighten the day.
I knew that I would do a mid mileage run but had no pace/mileage count in mind. Just ENJOY.

I was blissfully wrapped up in my thoughts. My mind was going a million miles a minute as I have had a ton on it recently and I guess that the miles just started to tick off without me really paying attention.

I was running my ever familiar "normal" route when all of a sudden I realized: I was close to 5 miles away from home.

And had a total "oh shit" moment.

I continued the last .2 or so to hit 5 (because I have a thing for even numbers ask anyone that runs with me...I will often run in circles just to make it even).

But not a bad view.
I then paused and assessed myself.

I was TIRED. Caps lock. Bold. And italics necessary.

And I still had to get home.

And I was now running INTO the wind.

Insert F bomb.

I was actually surprised I was able to maintain a 9:20/9:30 pace at this point.

I did pause a couple of times to stretch out and of course my Garmin was threatening to punk out on me that final mile...but by golly I made it. And promptly wanting to pass out.

This is my fuck I am tired face.
I was not fueled or hydrated and it was on the warmer side. I dropped 8 pounds on that 10 miler.

This was my lunch/snack run fuel. Sufficient?
I managed to get home and shower, attempt to eat something and then honestly got into bed and curled up and passed out without dinner.

I don't think I was even that tired AFTER the MARATHON. Actually, I know I wasn't. DOMS is setting in 10 days too late. 

I then woke up at midnight. At which point I was ravenous and scarfed down 1/2 a pint of strawberries and a quest bar.

I am starting to think of JUST how difficult the Brooklyn Half is going to be on Saturday.

I don't think that a couple of rest days are going to help.

Not that I took a rest day today or anything. I was up and questioning my sanity at 5:30  today on my walk to the gym but I did need to stretch out my legs (elliptical of death) and then you know lifted for good measure.

Dependent upon plans tonight I might top it off with a double session.

And take a rest day tomorrow.

Cross my heart legs I will.

And please do not fail me on Saturday. I am going to run BK for fun and enjoyment not expectations - it is supposed to be such a great race so I just want to enjoy it. But I also don't want to struggle through it legs dragging. Which after an impromptu half marathon midweek might be my fate.

Womp womp, I'm an idiot.


  1. I wish I accidentally ran 10 miles! Go girl! And yes, you get bonus points for getting up early this morning and ellipticalling and lifting after that tiring run.

  2. Wow I cannot imagine running 10 miles accidentally. But, I'm not in ultra shape like some people ;) Glad you're going to dedicate some time to rest, and good luck in BK!!!

  3. You must be in pretty good shape to run 10 mile accidentally or on purpose. Enjoy BK, you never know you might surprise your self.

  4. That is so something I would do. I usually get spacey in the other direction though--forgetting I'm supposed to be running fast, turning around too learn, etc.