Monday, February 1, 2016

Half Marathon Training 1/18/16 - 1/31/16

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! (I am a broken record I think I say this constantly).

The work world is a bit just...blah at the moment. I love my job but knowing you won't be there for much longer REALLY makes some of the motivation waiver. But, I am determined to not slack. 

Minus - I have stopped being "early" to the office...I have an option of taking a train and getting into the office around 8:40 or another that gets me in at 9:05 and let's just say I have been taking the latter more often than not. That extra little time at home after my workouts has been glorious.

Snowmaggedeon hit us along with icy temperatures and black ice on the roads so most of my miles the past couple weeks were on the treadmill. 

Last week was also my birthday and while it didn't change up my workouts or anything I was a little lax with the food choices and ate a bit too much sugar - by Saturday my stomach had enough and I had to reschedule brunch. I was able to rally for a long run later on but stomach felt horrible. 

I am also so touch and go with my thoughts on running. Having a goal to work towards is both motivating and disheartening. Trying to PR is HARD. Some days I just want to phone in the workout. I feel like I am never going to be able to run a half at 8:30 mm. I am just anxious to race and see where I am at. Hoping the work pays off (at least for sub 2 if I am not back sub 2 I will get angry!). Anyways without further ado the past couple weeks:

Week of 1/18/16

Monday - 5 miles easy - 47:36 9:31 pace

Tuesday - 4.5 miles 39:00 8:39 pace Easy mile warmup 3 x 1 mile - 8:00, 8:00, 7:58 .25 jog between. Paces were sustainable. No cool down

Wednesday - 3.11 miles easy - 30 mins 9:38 pace

Thursday - 4 miles 34:30 8:37 pace - short warm up then eased pace to 8:30 where I stayed most of the time before going down to 8:00

Friday - Rest

Saturday - 9.5 miles - 1:40 - 10:30 pace

Sunday - 3.47 miles easy (untimed)

Total miles: 29.58 

Week of 1/25/16

Monday - 6 miles - 57 mins - 9:30 pace

Tuesday - 4.5 miles 40 mins 8:53 pace - a few mins warm up then dropped to HM pace

Wednesday - 3.1 miles - 33 mins 10:38 pace + strength 

Thursday - 5.15 miles tempo - 45 mins 8:44 pace

Friday - Rest / little strength

Saturday - 10.02 - 1:42:42 10:08 pace

Sunday - 3.5 miles - 36:52 10:32 pace

Total miles: 32.27 miles 

There was also more strength in there the past couple weeks. Trying to get back on track. My pullup goal is slow going. My grip is getting better and I am getting better with the band assist. Still a long way to go and honestly feel like it will take all 2016 to do one! 

I also got a Groupon for 2 months unlimited at a bootcamp place I like. Was a great deal and they have 30 min classes which are perfect. 

And the training continues!


  1. When I knew I was going to be moving to CA, it became so much harder to motivate myself at work. Basically the only thing keeping me going was my own sense of pride in my work (which I know you also have!). Hang in there -- I'm seriously inspired by how you're getting in training with everything else happening!

    1. Yes! It is really hard to stay invested - like you my work ethic will carry me through to the end.
      I think this is just life - there will always be some sort of challenge. Fortunately (maybe, haha) getting in a workout a day is just second nature at this point in my life. I might modify but I typically am able to dedicate that time, even if I am kicking and screaming my way out of bed!