Thursday, February 4, 2016

TOL: Running and Hunger Lately

Happy Thursday!!! Linking up with Amanda per usual, thanks for hosting! I have been a day ahead all week in my thinking so glad that the end is almost near.

The only thing that forced me out of bed this morning to run is knowing tomorrow is a rest day. It is strategically placed on Fridays to get me up and out throughout the week. Just x more workouts until rest day is a lovely mentality.

Can we talk about the weather? That is a fun place to start. 

I have had some really lovely runs lately. Shorts weather makes me so so happy! I wore a long sleeve shirt on my run the other morning with shorts and it was too much. Spring hurry your ass up, I am ready! 

I am typically not a bad weather runner.  In fact, I am typically the first person on a treadmill when the weather isn't perfect. This morning though running through the misty rain was really invigorating! Had some muddy legs to show for my tempo effort as well.

I have also by and large stopped using my Garmin on runs to try and run by feel. Some times I go totally watchless and let my Garmin vivofit pick up the activity (which is always way off but it is something) and other times I use MapMyRun. Let me just say, I call BS on MapMyRun. The first run was an easy run (I usually TRY to stay above 10 min miles on easy days) and the second was a tempo but look at that suspect 6:53 mile in there. Just, no. Maybe high 7's but not that fast. 

It is what it is though. I will one of these days wear my Garmin and use the app just to see variance for real. If only my Garmin didn't take a million minutes to get satellite. Ain't no one got time for that in the morning darkness. 

My hunger has been all over the place. I am playing around with calories and macro's in an attempt to lean out a bit. I feel like it is a process to try and figure out what works best for your body. I just know that how I eat now is maintaining. I have been around the same weight for a while now. I didn't realize how much I was undereating carbs (according to "experts"). I also think I am undereating calories. Time will tell. 

I have also ditched the daily scale habit! I physically removed it so now I have to take it out to weigh myself and am only permitting myself a Friday weight check. My weight fluctuates by up to 5 pounds or so day to day. I am a rational human being and understand it happens but it does play on the way I see myself on a day it was above what it should be. I will never ditch the scale but I think this is a healthier balance. 

On the food topic these made me laugh: 

I say this all the time - I fight my former overweight self on the daily!

LOL to the last one but luckily my BF knows me well. I am talking about the next meal before I have had the current one. It's a problem. He is always bringing me food. I am a-okay with that. It is fun to laugh about how I eat more than him. Luckily he finds it all endearing (but not when I am hangry, there is nothing cute about that). 

And now, I need a snack. All this food talk has made me hungry again! Happy almost weekend!

Anyone else us MapMyRun? Thoughts on the accuracy?


  1. I haven't had good success with any of the phone mapping apps. Like you said, better than nothing, but on routes where I know the mileage, they're typically 0.1-0.2 off per mile, usually overestimating the distance run.

    My recommendation is to change your Garmin's screen to only display distance, if you want to keep track of mileage and don't want to deal with the head games about pace. Although that doesn't solve the not-picking-up-signal problem :/

  2. Food is always a work in progress but I think it's great that you're only weighing yourself once a week - otherwise, like you said, it can make you crazy!
    As for the weather - I was running in shorts here yesterday and today school is cancelled because it's snowing so much. Insanity!!!
    Have a great weekend and eat up :-)