Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer Don't End.

I am in denial that tomorrow is September. 

Everyone is all rush rush rush to fall and I am over here team make summer slow down.

This one has been a total whirlwind, and also when I finally started to regain my health. I think that is why I am so eager for it to stay, this summer has been so cathartic for me. 

I went from hiding myself during my Crohn's flare, and being anti social to feeling like I have my life back. 

I have been on a few vacations, run hundreds of miles, lazy days at the beach, wine tours, happy hours, brunches...the list goes on and on - and it has been amazing. 

I am not ready to trade in the warm days just yet. And you will never hear a peep out of me about the heat or humidity. 

This is the girl who refuses to get AC in NYC. I have gotten by with a couple fans just fine. 

So let's all stop this I CAN'T WAIT FOR FALL stuff, please?

I want to live in bikini's and sundresses forever. 

Because remember how quickly fall turns to winter...and there is nothing I dread more than taking the wool coats out of their plastic for the next season. 

#NeverEndingSummer please. 


  1. That beach tho.... I was never a fan of NYC summers but I am 100% certain that's because I didn't have a place to go to outside the city slash near the beach. I'm so glad you've had an awesome summer, and I hope you only keep improving this fall!!

  2. I'm so happy that you had the summer that you did. You deserve it. So much!
    PS let me know if you want to contribute to!

  3. I totally agree!!! I am dreading the cold. Summer is such a happy time.