Monday, August 3, 2015

I Just Want to Run ALL the Miles

It has been no secret that I have been on the struggle bus trying to get my Crohn's into remission. 

While I learned last Monday we still are not there (and still waiting on some labs on if we are changing treatment - but that is for a different day) I can say I feel SO much better. 

It is actually hard to know I am not in remission considering how I feel - which only means - I will feel even BETTER once we get it handled, right? Logical assumption?

But anyways. The point is, my running has gotten pretty glorious. 

I am running sub 10 minute miles easily - when in June I was hovering in the 11+ territory most times and also running to the bathroom every 2-3 miles. 

Now, I can count on one hand the runs interrupted with bathroom breaks and both occasions were due to me being an asshole with food choices. 

I don't think I will ever be able to consume sugar and feel well (one was induced by a jelly bean binge, wah) but I will be a-okay knowing a trigger and not being a jerk. 

Last week culminated the end of a very happy month of running. 

I realized after a short run yesterday turned into an 11 miler that I finished off the week with 46 miles! And, no rest days. Oops. 

I was progressing so nicely and cautiously then BOOM 33 miles to 46 miles...that's not a 10% increase, is it?

But I've had plenty of rest days. 

My legs are feeling amaaaazing and you know what, I am just going to run with it! 

As I may have done on another attempt at a short run today which turned into 7.5 miles... 

But THE most exciting part is that I FINALLY ventured outside. 

I was in Montauk and woke up Saturday planning to just walk for a while because it was to be my rest day - and then just got caught in the moment of the scenery, the beautiful morning and ran. 

6 awesome, insanely happy, miles. You can understand my inspiration here: 

And you know what, I was FINE. Stomach was a-okay. I survived. 

This is a bit cheesy but it was an emotional moment for me. I have been so terrified of running outside and then conversely terrified that I would never be able again to summon the nerve that I teared up at the end. 

For some perspective it was my first significant run outside since NYCM and my flare going nuts. I have run to and from the gym a bit but have been scared to lace up and go.

On top of that it was hot and a bit humid and I was without much effort running 9:30 - 10ish pace - I had no expectations of where I would be after so much treadmill running so was pleasantly surprised.

There is hope after all. I am feeling more and more like my old self with every passing day and I just want to hold on to this and take advantage. 

Having been stripped of my health for such a long period of time and I am just embracing this. And if that means running every day because I feel well enough to and I want to - then bet your ass you will find me running. 

I've missed this and am hoping it is here to stay. 


  1. As a person who loves running outside and pretty much loathes treadmills, I am so happy for you!! Your body is responding well to your attentiveness and positive mindset I'm sure! Looking forward to cheering you on again sometime!

    1. Thank you! I know I cannot even tell you how happy it makes me when I am outside running now. I really don't mind the treadmill (because, Netflix) but outside is way happier! I am feeling like I can finally start signing up for some races, and trying to con my way out to SF for work ;)

  2. This is SUCH good news. I'm excited for you!!! I hope it continues and is only up from here :)

  3. Well I am so excited for you that you are loving running and able to do so! My fingers are so crossed for you :D