Monday, August 10, 2015

A Perfect Saturday

I think I was looking forward to Saturday for the better part of a month. 

NYC's Summer Streets is one of my favorite things of summer - and although was excited for my Montauk weekend - I was sad to miss a week of it. 

So all last week was eagerly awaiting it. 

It has been no secret that I have been a slave to the treadmill as I have come out of this Crohn's flare - and having access to rest stops and open road was very very appealing to me. 

I woke up before my alarm and at 6:55 was on the train into the city. 

I quickly dropped a bag at the gym and was off and running. 

And the day did not disappoint. 

The weather felt perfect, it was early so it wasn't too crowded, and god I was just HAPPY. 

Just look at it! 

I decided to run over the Brooklyn bridge and on the way back decided to drop the pace because I was feeling good and tempo a bit. 

I was using map my run because my Garmin is all sorts of f'ed up (probably rebelling me trying to charge it and use it after so long, haha!). And was NOT trusting the splits. So I asked this gentleman I was pacing off what he was doing and he said 8:30ish so I guess it was right! 

I stopped twice for water but other than that I just RAN. People, never ever take that for granted. If I have learned nothing it is that I love to run, and being able to run healthy is a blessing. 

Anyways sorry for the cheesy stuff but necessary. 

So I finished my run of awesomeness at a sub 9 pace. I still don't 100% trust it but I do know that I am feeling more confident to run some half's this fall. Not trying to PR or anything but run them not stopping every two miles. 

Then I headed home to NJ to the parents for some R&R and it was fabulous. Long run recovery done right!

Rounded out to be quite the perfect day! 

Thank you Summer Streets!


  1. Sounds like SUCH a great day, and seriously, every one of these run recaps where I get to read about you having an amazing run makes me smile. So happy things are improving!

    1. Thank you so much, goodness it has been a long road but I have not felt so well in such a long time!

  2. You said it. PERFECTION. Love love love.

    1. Thank you dear, hoping that I have many more of these days coming :)