Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August - A Month of Running Happy

I haven't really recapped much about my running in detail on the blog, just mentioned that I am running quite a bit. I have a loose plan most weeks of 2-3 quality runs: tempo, speed/hill and long run. The rest of the runs have just been whatever. For the most part I like to "workout" for at least an hour most days which has translated into a lot of days hitting 6 miles or so.

Nevertheless, I was kind of surprised when I saw my mileage for the month and it was 179 miles!

I have not run that volume in quite some time. From what Daily Mile is telling me in fact, even last year in my Chicago and NYC marathon build up I wasn't running that much. Although to be honest I didn't look back further than September because I am lazy.

But August was pretty awesome for running...

I was away in Montauk which translated to my first real run since NYCM outside.

I love the open road.
August means summer streets and me further getting comfortable with breaking free of the treadmill.

Who doesn't love a desolate Park Avenue?

More than anything else though running became less anxiety filled over my stomach (not without a couple dicey runs that ended in less than ideal situations...but I blew those off immediately) and a lot less frustrating. A short time ago 11-12 minute miles on the treadmill were hard. I've managed runs outside in the past month busting out miles in the 8's and steadily in the 9's. I know pace isn't everything but good lord it is satisfying.

AND I finally feel ready to take the plunge back into races. I haven't raced ONCE this year. The past few years I have run 20+ races each year but this time around I just didn't want to waste the money not knowing how I would feel.

While I am not in the least bit thinking I will be throwing down PR performances (because sub 1:53 half marathon is kind of doubtful right now) I want to get through them feeling good and strong.

I have 2 half's planned right now and have not problem saying that I would really be thrilled to break 2:00. I haven't since fall 2012. That is ridiculous.

If things on the Crohn's front continue to be positive then at least I can get through them happy if nothing else!

But thank you August for a great month. Everyone else might have been bitching about the never ending heat and humidity but every day that I was well enough to wake up and chase down the sunrise, I was happy.

How can this not make you happy?

Onward and upward.

September, I'm coming for you.


  1. Yay for racing again! What half marathons are you planning on running?

    1. There is an NYC runs one 9/19 that is along the water by the Verrazano - its a double loop out and back and totally flat - so even if warm hoping I can gauge where my pace is. Then planning on Yonkers - net downhill but been warned it is hilly. Now looking for a good November one - that is definitely when I race best. When it is close to freezing temps - Philly is in the running but waiting until I run the first to see if I want to drop the money.