Friday, February 27, 2015

Weight Watchers Week 5

So let's just get down to it shall we?

Weeks weight loss = +1.0 lbs

Total loss to date = 7.4 lbs 

I am not surprised at all the gain. I knew that was going to happen 100%.

I had my period so that didn't help.

I also fell on some ice and was home from work both Monday and Tuesday. And had bought jelly beans for work so let’s just say that those jelly beans wound up eaten by me in my boredom and Netflix binge watching. By Wednesday I had pulled myself together but yeah I knew I had overdone it. Not rocket science and no surprises here with the scale reflecting it. Other than the jelly beans it was a pretty good week.

I know it about me that I just can’t have food around that I can mindlessly munch. Know your downfalls!

The other thing that has helped is my Lent resolution to not spend money – which means all meals are brought from home and no buying anything on a whim. A week and a half in and my wallet definitely already feels that positive impact!

Been pretty good with workouts per usual even though I am barely running. With the help of ClassPass I have been to so many new classes and shaking up my workouts – a lot of good things planned out as well in advance. A good mix of spin/run/yoga/strength classes.

So here is to no more jelly beans and staying on track. And happy that my weeklies have reset – this girl has been waiting for a glass of wine! 

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