Friday, February 13, 2015

Weight Watchers Week 3


A Friday the 13th at that! 

This felt like a never ending week for me. 

It has been a crappy week on the Crohn's front - the medicine seems to have just stopped working and I am frustrated beyond belief again so my stomach was iffy throughout the week again. Enough so I had to stay home yesterday because I just couldn't get out the door in the morning. 

I have become obsessed with roasted carrots. As in I have eaten the entire bag that I roasted in a sitting, more than once this week. And then have guilt. Carrot guilt, is that possible? (It's more the eating to eat guilt but it's better than the crap I could be snacking on mindlessly, right?)

Weeks weight loss = 1.8 lbs

Total loss to date = 7.8 lbs 

To be honest I was kind of surprised to see it. I felt like my workouts suffered this week, a few meals out over the weekend, plus I had an early Valentine's day dinner Wednesday and maybe annihilated a bag of trail mix the other day :)

The first few weeks are always the biggest losses though it seems. 

But I stayed within my points by compensating veg heavy other meals which goes to show: it works. Time and again. Moderation, good decisions, all that jazz.

Not to mention the number on the scale right now, I haven't seen in ages. I managed to only get on the scale ONE time before my weigh in. I am very determined to break the scale habit - something I am working on every day and it is getting easier as each passes. 

With that another down, and just keep on going!

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