Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday #4

In an effort to post something OTHER than just training updates...I thought I would link up with Becky yet again for another TYT!!! 

I have been making a VERY serious effort to put a lot more money in savings a lot less money into ME. I have two of my best friends weddings this fall, one of which I am a bridesmaid and practically every weekend have a baby shower, baptism, wedding shower, engagement...you get the picture. So a lot of money has been being spent (obviously all for good!) but still am managing to treat myself :) 

I think one of the best was heading back home to my parents. They are back from Florida for the summer (hello #snowbirds...) and have a house on the Jersey shore where we spent our summers and then one in Warren, NJ. I went back to Warren for some R&R and it was so needed! And seriously...I hadn't been there in almost 2 years (usually at the beach house when they are home) and isn't this just GORGEOUS!

Obviously there has also been some major World Cup fever going on - and I spent as much time as possible enjoying it! With some adult beverages to go along #obviously. I love the game (former soccer player) and also love getting behind the USA! Soccer was big at my college (University of Maryland) and we have a great representation on the national level so a lot of pride all around. 

I also had the UNFORTUNATE necessity of having to spend another impromptu evening away from home...which resulted in needing to purchase some workout gear. I must say I am really a fan of Old Navy for their active gear. Especially their tanks with built in bras! Love the back of the gray tank - yes that is a bra attached (and yes I get that only flies for us ladies with not huge chests). 

But the prize this week has to be my new pair of Nike shorts (this short is my favorite I think I own 5-6 pairs). Umm that pattern. Swoon. I went to pick up my 5K race bib and couldn't help myself! These are everything. And here's hoping they make me run fast.

And since it is hotter than hot and humid outside, I have heard watermelon juice is fantastic for recover (oh and DELICIOUS) so I have been guzzling this stuff - and its not too much of a burden that Juice Press delivers for free. #willrunforjuice

Overall a great week! Cheers to treating yourself!!!!

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