Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday #1

I'm joining in on the party!!! Finally linking up and thank you to Becky for hosting! Read here for the premise behind it.

I pretty much treat myself on a daily basis. Whether it is bribing myself when I don't want to workout with a kombucha or that after I complete a grueling work project I will get out grab a coffee or tea and stroll in the sunshine (yay it is finally spring in NYC!) or spending some hard earned dough on new clothes, I think we all deserve to be treated! 

So without further ado let's get a peak at what I have been rewarding myself with lately!

First up, I was in desperate need of some new sandals and these babies were 30% off at Express...I am not one to pass up on a deal!

While at Express I also loaded up on a few (also on sale) of my favorite shirts - the Portofino - honestly most favorite shirt ever and they were $20 off which in my head = buy more, right? I don't have a closet full of them already or anything...

Last but not least - I am heading to Miami Saturday and was in need of a cute little cover up - enter the romper! so easy to pull on over my bikini and perfect for biking around the beach!

I had a half marathon on Saturday and just could NOT fathom wearing any of the millions of outfits that I already had...I needed something new and bright (and clearly you are supposed to wear a brand new outfit before running 13.1 miles!). Enter this cute number, both skirt and tank from Brooks, and socks from feetures!. Obsessed. And it held up great running in! Light and breathable perfect since it was pretty hot by the end of the race! 

A couple of other unpictured treats - I have found a chiropractor and will be adding in adjustments as part of my "training" feels oh so good. She was in awe of just how inbalanced my hips and shoulders are. Yay for being completely misaligned! 

And I found a great deal at my spa - 6 massages for $200 bucks! Sign me up. Best package ever. Especially when the going rate is $80-100 usually at my place. A steal. I treated myself to one Sunday to recover from the race. So. Necessary. 

And that is it! 

Biggest treat will be coming on Saturday as I head to Miami for a loooong weekend. I cannot wait. I need sunshine, relaxation and pool time. Plus the bonus of visiting my sister who lives there. Just what the doctor ordered! 

Hope everyone else is treating themselves - we all deserve a little bit in this chaotic world! 


  1. That romper is so cute! I love Express and you came out with so many great finds!

  2. 6 massages for $200?!?!!? Girl, sign ME up! It'd be cheaper for me to fly there and get one than to buy one here, LOL. Also, you're looking awesome. Can't wait to hear how Miami is!