Monday, October 26, 2015

Totten Trot 5K Recap

It is no secret that I am a distance junkie and way prefer the steady "easier" pacing of a half marathon to short distances.

But I am trying to get faster and as a coach friend has said, 5K's are a great way to gain "sneaky speed" by racing them periodically. 

When one showed itself in my town and I could run to and from it I couldn't say no. Until the forecast called for rain, that put some serious doubts in my mind. But I woke up Sunday morning and it said rain was done, so all was good. It was go time. 

Being the fantastic googler/run nerd that I am I input last weeks half to estimate what a goal time should be. It spit out 26:30, 8:30ish miles for me and I made that my loose goal. 

I ran the 2.5 miles to the race and was able to register with plenty of time to spare. I took off all week from running and then ran a few miles Saturday and happy to say that the cross training paid off (spinner/weights each day) - the lingering pain in my glute/hamstring is mostly gone. 

Bayside Historical Society - the race began in Fort Totten
Then with only a few minutes to go until the begins to drizzle. By the time the race was going off it was really raining. I have been lucky to never have to race in the rain until yesterday! 
Oh hello very casual start line.
So the race begins and my only focus is to find my pace. I was feeling really good and start finding a groove. I was really trying to run by feel so was avoiding looking at my Garmin as much as possible.

The road was also wet and it was windy so I was focusing on not slipping (because leaves and acorns).

Mile 1 was hit in 8:10 (although I didn't hear it beep).

I started gaining on and picking off people. I found a woman who looked around my age in my sights and it became my goal to pick her off. Happy to say around 1.75 in I did. But then I was kind of in no mans land. Everyone else was pretty far in front of me and I was starting to lose steam.

Mile 2 in 8:13

It felt like an eternity to get to the cone where we would make a turn around before the final .75 or so. My lungs were feeling it more than my legs but now I started looking at my pace and see it is starting to slip. (and is it just me or is turning around the cone just a killer to your momentum)

Once we turned I am just giving myself pep talks. The final .25 or so is a very very cruel hill to have at the end of the race. Then, a man passes me and it was just what I needed. I told myself to stay on his heels. He was the motivation I needed.

Mile 3 in 8:33

I am chugging along the best I can but still feel like I am running in quick sand. See the finish line and try to kick it.

.12 (going on Garmin) in 7:52

And DONE!!!

Garmin = 25:51 for 3.12

I knew it being a small race I had done well and probably paced. Unfortunately the computer got wet and preliminary results were messed up. I wasn't on them but looked like I had placed 2nd. Eventually they apologize that it will take longer to get the results and it will be emailed etc.

Then I got this email. First place AG win!!! And apparently I somehow added 8 seconds on my Garmin. Can't wait for my trophy, only my second one.

Overall, I am happy. I beat my goal (this is not a PR though) and I think on a flatter course in better weather I can do even better. My mental game has been on point the past few races as well. Not to sound corny but I think everything I have dealt with health wise the past year has really helped me on this front.

And now, maybe just maybe I have found another small 5K in a couple weeks to test my speed out at again.


  1. Congrats on a great race! Adversity can definitely help the mental game because it puts things into perspective if you can harness it well. Glad it was a great day :)

  2. Sneaky speed, LOL. Love that term. And CONGRATS!! I think that's an awesome time and even better that you got 1st. Way to go!

  3. Hey, way to go and toughing it out in the rain! I know how that 2nd mile can feel. Can you share your garmin file so I could take a look at the course? Thanks!

    1. Hi Henry! sorry for the delayed response. I THINK that the course is different now. They apparently got it USATF sanctioned and with the description it sounds like it has changed. My garmin that I used is an old one and unfortunately data doesn't sync anymore for it! Not sure if you are familiar with the area - I will say it is not flat - in Ft Totten itself. Learned the hard way in the 5K and then ran an ultra in July there. So be prepared for that!