Saturday, October 3, 2015

Braving the Elements

Okay so quick question - how do we go from sucking it up through 90% humidity in the beginning of the week to being chilled to the bone in rain and wind at the end of the week? 

I have to admit I totally hate running in anything less than ideal conditions. 

I am not one that looks at the rain as a cleansing awesome running experience. 

I look at the rain and think wet shoes and socks and chafing. 

So when I looked at the weather when I woke up this morning I was less than thrilled.

However, I had promised to finally meet up with my CCFA Team Challenge peeps this morning. I am 100% the best at flaking on plans but I told myself that I had to. 

And with that I was off to the city. 

I wound up running up to the meet spot at Columbus Circle and then funny enough the majority of people DID bail. I patted myself on the back for the fact that for once I did not. However as the meeting went on and we started to chat I started to also talk myself out of running more. We wrapped up and I was like I am just running back to Penn and heading home. 

Then I started running. And I just got in the groove. The weather actually felt really good. The misty drizzle that was there on my run up was gone and it was just windy. 

I wound up having a really fantastic run! I had no route or distance in mind, I just wove around the UWS depending on what lights I hit. My pace felt comfortable and I gave myself a pat on the back after for manning up in less than ideal conditions. 

My Garmin went on the fritz though and lost satellites and then clocked one mile at 11+ when I was indeed running in the 8's mostly so the calculations for distance/time were slightly off when it wasn't clocking accurate mileage. I think it might be time to replace because it also decides to erase my runs after the fact. Argh. 

I also was breaking in a new pair of Kinvara 5's. I would like to thank Amazon for the fact that I am able to score these bad boys that I love for $40. Amazon Prime for life. 

And with that, happy Saturday and happy running! 

I am going into hibernation mode for the rest of the day since I am STILL feeling chilled. Note to self, invest in a windbreaker and some waterproof gear. Anyone have any good recommendations? 


  1. I have an AWESOME rec! I have an older version of this: (obviously from living in NYC). It's a great windbreaker and totally waterproof. Even better, it folds up into itself and you can then clip it on your shorts/leggings if the rain stops. I used it today and it worked great!

    1. Thank you so much, that looks perfect. It was drizzling in the beginning so I was wet then with the wind...brrrr I didn't warm up for hours. And it's not even COLD COLD yet.

  2. Brooks has great gear, but I also love my NB jackets (I got them for pennies from runner's warehouse online). My bright pink Brooks Windbreaker (from MCM), my NB super lightweight rain jacket, and my NB heat gear jacket (I actually have 2, a friend saw how much I was obsessed with mine and gave me hers, which she had gotten for free!). The NB jacket is the one that I talk about in my Fall Fitness Fashion Show post on my blog. It's warmer, not super lightweight, btw. But the others are awesome lightweight ones.

    1. Awesome I will go refer back to the post! I usually turn into a wuss when it gets colder but if I want to train for a GOOD race in NOLA I'm going to be out there in the cold and whatever winter gives us. Time to go shopping and replenish some gear ;)

  3. I completely understand you! I also like to run when it is not too hot or too cold, not too wet or too dry))) I absolutely cannot run in winter(( What can I do?