Thursday, September 17, 2015

Today is NOT Friday - TOL

It has been a while but since I am a lazy blogger I though that linking up for Thinking Out Loud to share my ramblings this week would be a good idea. Lucky you. 

First up, I thought today was Friday until I got a reminder at 7:00am to complete payroll approvals. So there is that. I guess it has been a while since I have worked a 5 day week and my body, and brain, are a little confused. I think I need to use up some more of my 3+ weeks of vacation. 

I would also like to note that I am an idiot. Tuesday when I went to run my Garmin, which was hooked up to the charger, was dead. I pulled it on and off the charger and nothing. I said f it since 5:30am is way too early to deal with those shenanigans and did my speed workout on the treadmill instead. Proceed the next 48 hours through to this morning unplugging and plugging it back in and it remaining dead. Today I had the brilliant idea to change the outlet the usb is is now charging itself. So yup, idiot. 

Which leads me to the fact that I am running a half marathon this weekend. I have been a little mum on the whole thing because I have NO clue what to expect. Thinking my garmin was dead I was contemplating running it blind BUT if it is working that will not happen (because, data). I am stiff this week and legs feel dead and that is with me tapering back mileage and taking TWO rest days leading up (Monday/Friday - race Saturday). It will still be warm out so I know that will slow me down. I would really like to hit 2:05ish. Goal is to get close to 2 this fall (more on deck in October/November) and sub 2 when I run NOLA. 

Oh wait have I not mentioned I am running the New Orleans Rock 'n' Roll half marathon? I am. With Team Challenge! (post for another day too).

Can I also talk about how mentally challenging it is for me to take a rest day? I do not work well with laziness and definite guilt starts to creep in. I know that whole recovery thing but still taking a day off messes with me. Forget taking two off like I am this week. HOW do people not workout? 

On a different and unrelated note, I am starting the countdown to my cruise. It is in December but as I realized the remaining payment is due I got really excited! Hello to sailing the Caribbean! And then another several days in Florida. It is going to be a glorious 2ish week escape of NYC winter! (#alltheexclamationpoints)

And now off to eat my pumpkin oats and drink my pumpkin coffee, because as much as I tried to resist, I want ALL THE PUMPKIN. But never a pumpkin spice latte because those are disgusting. Sorry, not sorry. Hate that sugary stuff. 


  1. Woohoo!! Good luck at the race this weekend - can't wait to hear how it goes! :)

  2. Hope you have a great race!!! Good luck :)

  3. Have a great race! And NOLA!!! I love New Orleans!!! Such great food and a fun area, and I bet the RnR Half will be a blast!

  4. Good luck this weekend! I am AWFUL at being lazy so I feel ya!