Monday, June 29, 2015

29 Miles

I know that my mood has been down lately and honestly I feel entitled to feel that way given that physically I just don’t feel like myself.

However, I am attempting to look more at the POSITIVES versus harboring on the negatives.

Case and point.

As I logged my 7.5 mile run yesterday immediately I was sitting there thinking, well only 2 bathroom stops today instead of 3 during my 6 mile run yesterday, I guess that is something.

Then I saw my tally of mileage for the week at 29 (ok, a TAD BUMMED I didn’t hit 30 and almost hopped back on the treadmill to get there).

Curious I looked back to see when the last time I hit that mileage was, and it was back during the week of NYCM.

After NYCM I dealt with a stress fracture and was diagnosed with Crohn’s so life has been a roller coaster since.

But you know what, I am healthy enough to have run 5 days last week, cross trained another and only took one rest day. If I was training for something that would pretty much be my training schedule. 

I might still be stuck on the treadmill (both by necessity and by straight up fear of the bathroomless outdoors) but I am running.

I might be slow as hell the majority of days, but I am still putting one foot in front of the other doing something I love.

My faith and patience have been tested as I am not having the progress with treatment that I would like. Most days I wonder if this is life, or if I just need to give it more time.

I feel like a broken records of excuses and complaints some days of being tired, wanting to sleep in my own bed etc. but the truth is it could be worse. It was worse, I experienced it.

So seeing that 29 for total miles last week I made the choice to try and see it all in a more positive light. I am by nature a VERY positive, light at the end of the tunnel, things are better than they seem type person and need to stop letting Crohn’s shit (lol) get me down.

I have another round of remicade this week so hopefully that helps plus some face time with my doctor to figure out how to tweak my treatment to get me symptom free. Because I would love that.

So here is to seeking out the positives instead of focusing on the negatives. Because seriously who needs the negatives weighing them down?

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  1. I hope the remicade infusion helps! And hey, 29 miles is nothing to sniff at :)