Friday, March 13, 2015

Weight Watchers Week 7

I am going to be honest I don't think these numbers are right: 

Weeks weight loss = 1.6 lbs

Total loss to date = 12.6 lbs 

It has been a tough week on the IBD front - and I think I am dehydrated today. I actually anticipated a gain. 

I have been attempting to eat a "low residue" diet as suggested by my doctor - which to me just sucks. 

I love my greens and eating #allthevegetables but in an attempt to maybe help my digestion have been easing up on it. We all know those leafy greens and grains like quinoa (okay it isn't exactly a grain but I treat it like one) are great for helping you remain full and getting the fiber you need BUT that is kind of the exact opposite of what my system needs right now to try and heal itself. Those harder to digest foods just wreak havoc on my gut. 

That means I have been eating more starchy foods than I normally would (still eating proteins as normal). So figured more carbs = more water retention = higher weight. I feel like next week it will show in a gain on the scale but we shall see. 

I am more or less eating the same amount of points. Maybe more of my activity ones this week. And totally used up the weeklies - Monday night was another wine class this time with food. Two words: pork belly. Worth every damn delicious bite. I enjoy having them reset for the weekend. I kind of use them up for fun in the beginning of my week and then am totally on track during the work week. That works for me. 

I love feeling way more comfortable in all my pants now. Some being even a little too loose which is very nice. I don't think I will ever have the flattest of stomachs (never say never though, right?) but losing a couple inches makes me feel SO much better. The change is significant enough where people are noticing as well. 

The best part is that I am not overdoing anything. I am not training for races so I am not running a million miles. I am doing "normal" workouts, one rest day (some times two) a week. A nice mix of strength, cardio and yoga. ClassPass has me on studio overload (I have a couple posts about how much money I have saved and new favorites in the works). There is nothing that I am doing now that I cannot sustain in the future. I am eating treats (jelly bean addiction is going strong) indulging in alcohol when it is worth it - hopefully this weight will stay off (it took a couple years to gain the 8-10 pounds to get back to a high weight that spurred this reality check). 

All good things!

Happy Friday! And happy *slightly* warmer weather :) 

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  1. Feeling like your losses are coming from sustainable changes is such a good feeling, right? I'm honestly so impressed with how much success you're having, especially with how cold it was in NYC this winter! Go girl ;)