Friday, March 6, 2015

Weight Watchers Week 6

A month and a half in and going strong. 

At this point the meal planning, prep and allotting my points each day is pretty much second nature. 

It is all made easier by my "no spend Lent" so I have to be prepared each day with meals or else starve. And I do not like to starve. 

After a gain last week, on one hand I anticipated a loss but on the other thought that it wouldn't really amount to much since I skipped both Wednesday and Thursday workouts (because cold, snow, IBD, doctors appointments, winter cold and laziness - like my excuses?) which I figured wouldn't bode well the couple days prior to weigh in. Plus I just started prednisone and am interested to see how that interferes with the weight loss path. Low and behold I had a pretty good loss:

Weeks weight loss = 3.6 lbs

Total loss to date = 11.0 lbs 

With that, I lost another PP value and I am pretty close to when I was my lowest weight back in 2012. 

Just goes to show, yet again, that what you are putting in your body really matters more than the workouts. Yes obviously they help but you cannot eat crap and expect results. 

Considering I am not THAT overweight (in fact my BMI is "normal") and still having this kind of weight loss proves that a) its not rocket science and b) my body is not meant to be at the higher end if I am eating properly. 

As a calorie counter in between my time on WW I have to say that I enjoy this 150% more. I can post on that another time but worrying about macro targets and analyzing calorie intake on vegetables and stuff drove me batty. This system is much simpler. 

And my diet is by no means perfect. I still went out to a few dinners. I drank (looking at you wine class). I ate too many starburst jelly beans (they are my kryptonite at the moment) but that is balanced by lean proteins, a million and one veggies and some fruit (I try to keep my fruit at 1-2 servings a day and more veggies). 

And the best news is that most of my clothes from my leanest time are fitting pretty well now. Skinny jeans are comfortable once again - which is part of what drove me to get my shit together once and for all. My body was definitely more muscular when I was around this weight but I am working on it. 

My workouts are more weights/circuit focused than cardio based (thank you IBD and no long running sessions or really many running sessions at all) and it is fun to get some muscles back! I have some baby triceps coming and just might by bikini time have some baby abs. 

And the journey continues...

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