Friday, March 14, 2014

So About That Half Marathon on Sunday...

I'm not ready for this: 

Or at least not the ready that I would be to actually run this as anything more than just a "still building my fitness run". 

After being locked out every year I applied, I finally got in this year (in the SECOND round of lottery picks) and am not throwing away the opportunity to run this course regardless of how prepared I am feeling.

But I've topped out at 10.5 miles last week. 

And am kind of not resting at all this week. And really don't intend to tomorrow. 

I plan on body pump and a short run (but cutting out my usual Flywheel class) and plan on a rest day Monday most likely. I'm in training mode at the moment, not race mode.

As I am going into this knowing I will not go anywhere near my PR nor probably even sub 2 (hello Central Park and my winter love affair with the treadmill not ready to tackle Cat Hill and Harlem Hill in a respectable manner!) I am out to just make it through a steady race without wanting to kill myself by the end. 

I figure start conservative and if towards the last few I feel good pick if up. That's the only plan. If I can negative split the race that would be great. But this is a course to be enjoyed just like the NYCM was for me. I knew fitness wise I was not running stellar then (oh and also that 100 degree fever didn't help) due to being prepared to race on a more flat course. These are races for me that you run because why would you not?

Goal = not wanting to kill myself by mile 13 and to then #DrinkAllTheAlcohol and #EatAllTheFood. 

So here is to a fun Sunday (and seriously whyyyy can it not be a WARMER forecast) and to FINALLY running this race!

Good luck to all out there running on Sunday! 

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