Saturday, November 2, 2013


Well I officially just booked a car to get me to the TFK bus so 12 hours from now it will all be happening. 

A couple thoughts:

I feel like straight up crap. I want stay in bed forever right now. 

I am excited and scared at the same time. I haven't run more than 16 in a couple months. 

But running has started to feel normal again minus that whole cold thing I have going on right now. Lungs burn running at the moment. 

I have a goal but for the first time I just don't feel like talking about it. Enjoyment is first goals are second this time around. 

And with that I am just going to leave you with a million pictures. 

To everyone out there running tomorrow GOOD LUCK!!!! 

We run this city!!

And feel free to stalk me: bib 34780

And let me know where to find you spectating on the course!!

Everywhere. You cannot escape this marathon. 
Expo! And too much money spent. 

Dash to the Finish 5K - shakeout 
Only about 10,000 people showed up
Running 42nd Street? Priceless. 
I spy mile 25! And realize that mile might simultaneously suck and be awesome. 
FINISH!!! See you again soon!
And next time you will read 26.2 or knowing me and tangents...26.5

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