Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hartford Marathon: Sub 4 or Bust

Alright so I am going to keep this pretty short and sweet. 

This week has been less about nerves than it has in the past. In general, really, there are no nerves. Just a pure sense of wonder. 

Will I be able to do this? 

Have I trained hard enough? 

Did I do everything I could to this point to set myself up for success?

The answer is, honestly, yes. 

I am sometimes way too hard on myself and do not give myself enough credit for what I manage to accomplish.

This has been a pretty damn awesome year for me.

I started a job in March that continues to evolve into something I love coming to (even those weekend days – annoying but I still like working!) With this job I have met some pretty damn awesome people who have become very close to me. (In fact, I owe the majority of my NYCM fundraising to their amazing generosity!)

I ran 2 marathons and an ultra marathon earlier this year – when as of October of last year I was dead set against EVER running a full marathon in general. 

After racing most weekends in spring I gave myself a whopping 2 weeks off after finishing a full marathon, 10K, half marathon and ultra marathon all in May - before diving head first into training again with my new coach. (and, note my first week consisted of a trail half marathon in Miami…I sure am sadistic). 

At the same time I was working 12 hour days preparing for our news network to launch. 

That meant 4 am wake ups and sacrificing sleep at every turn. 

Looking back I have no idea how I made it through summer without completely shutting down. 

I have FELT speedier. I think my training times SHOW I am. But with the marathon there is just the constant sense of wonder.

So let’s lay it out GOALS

As if we all don’t know what I want.

A: Sub-4 – it can be 3:59:59 and I will consider it a success

B: 4:05

C: PR = Sub 4:26

And there we have it. 

I might go radio silent a bit as I just absorb this time leading up to the marathon. 

Originally my buddy was going to travel up with me, but doesn’t look like she can and that is alright. In a way I need the time to be by myself and focus. 

I plan to have fun in this marathon and enjoy it, but I also plan to race. This marathon, I mean business.

I have felt very introspective. Kind of odd for me. I am a little bit scared by my goal but I do have confidence in myself. Just trying to maintain an air of calm. I just keep visualizing running strong and running my race. 

And with that, let’s bring on the race. 

Less than 48 hours to go. And about that long until I have this beauty hanging around my neck. 


  1. Rooting for you so hard, Gianna! I'm all set to track you and watch you kick Hartford's ass. You've trained super hard and are so ready!

  2. Good luck!! SO MUCH GOOD LUCK. You are incredibly inspiring and I am rooting for you!!