Monday, August 12, 2013

Hartford Marathon Training Week 8

Week 8?!?! Hey now.

Another week down. 

Would life please slow down? Where has summer gone? 

So here is how it all shook out. 

Monday: 5 miles with 6  x 1 min striders + core - legs were heavy on this run - I did it about 12 hours after my 15

Tuesday: 75 mins xtrain + 20 mins weights

Wednesday: SPEED DAY! 

True story I love to hate Wednesdays. Always a tough workout but boy do I finish feeling so accomplished. 

Thursday: 6 miles: 1 easy/1 @ MGP + core

Friday: REST DAY. And damn deserved. 

Saturday: again switched out my long run day I was doing work all damn day 
40 mins xtrain + 3 miles @ 9:15

Sunday: 17 miles: 2:48:36
Splits: 9:44, 8:50, 10:07, 10:17, 10:22, 9:54, 10:02, 9:53, 9:57, 9:49, 9:47, 10:04, 10:09, 10:01, 9:49, 9:45, 9:51

This run. Man. I try to ignore pace and figure out what is super easy based on feel. If we look at mile 2 we see what can accidentally happen. Trying to differentiate between normal "easy" and marathon easy. 
Also a fueling fail. I ran down through Jersey City and to Liberty State Park and not a SINGLE water fountain was on! 

Thankful for these views to take my mind off rampant thirst: 

I have issues with fueling in general upsetting my stomach but without water oyyyy I found a magical vending machine at miles 12/13 and was SO DAMN HAPPY 

Hi new friend! But then I was so thirsty I chugged the bottle in about 2 seconds so was left with water sloshing around for the remainder. And by this time was too late and was feeling nauseous. 

Also in the name of recovery (I started this run at about 4:30pm) I took my first ice bath in a really long time. 

Overall pretty satisfied with how this week went. Especially since I am in the office 10-12 hours a day...and emails never end. It does feel like it is coming together but I still have my moments of holy crap it is so close am I really going to do it?!


How's everyone else's training going? Any big races/goals for this fall?


  1. Good job this week! Our plans look similar. Thanks for the alert regarding the lack of open water fountains in Liberty SP. I run there something so it's good to know.

    1. What are you training for?! And yes - I was in a state of shock! good thing there were vending machines in JC at the marina or I would have really died!

  2. Seriously, you are going to be my "get shit done while working all the time" idol come October ;) Great job getting it done! And dear lord I'd pass out if I couldn't drink any water, I'm such a water guzzler when I long run.

    1. I know you'll be a rock star at it as well! It's almost easier I find when you are SO busy to get the workouts in, because you just have to get it done no time to think about it.
      I am good to a certain extent without water I have run many half's without stopping for it - but summer + 17 miles = torture. Plus NEEDING to be practicing fueling. At least I know for the future!

  3. Awesome! What's your favorite x-training to do? I'm kind of getting into a zone with mine (one day a week cardo strength train and one day with something like Core Fusion at Exhale?) But really interested in how other people do it!

    1. Definitely a fan of swimming - although - I switched gyms so no longer have a pool :(
      I spend a lot of time on the arc trainer...I think the best part about xtraining is it makes me realize how much I love running :)
      I do lifting and core on my own my coach builds it into my schedule! I wish I had time to do all these awesome classes everyone raves about!