Monday, August 26, 2013

Hartford Marathon Training Week 10

Last week – was a tough week. As I mentioned in my previous recap (yawn anyone still reading? I swear a “real” post will be coming your way any day now!) last Tuesday our network finally “launched” LIVE NEWS now! Survived it all! 

But – that also meant I shuffled a lot around last week and honestly, was just brutally beat. 

By Thursday I felt like crap and was never more ready for a weekend that wasn’t going to be consumed by work.

Work is still busy now, but it appears a lot more normalcy can return.

Main goals this week are to get back to my normal eating patterns (assisted by a major Fresh Direct haul on Saturday morning!), complete workouts on prescribed days instead of scrambling them (since you know, they are laid out that way for a reason) and trying to get more sleep (haha…wish me luck!).

But here is Week 10:

Monday: 20 mins xtrain / 4 miles / 20 mins strength

Tuesday: 7 mile progression run

Wednesday: Rest day – was “beat” aka slightly hungover after Launch Festivities. Oops.

Thursday: 1.5 mile repeats for 11.5 total miles. These hurt.

Friday: 6 mile tempo – my legs took forever to warm up – instead of .5 w/u 5 tempo .5 c/d I tempo’d 3 miles.

Saturday: 90 mins xtrain + strength

Sunday: 18 miles. I don’t even want to talk about these miles. My head was out of it the second I stepped outside. I thought of every excuse to pause, shoe laces, stretch you name it I used it. But when running was running ~10:00 or under.

So there we have it.

My biggest focus is getting that long run in on Saturday since my goal race is on a Saturday. 

So I need to prepare for that.

It is scary though when I look at how few weeks between now and taper. My stomach is in knots.

And I am kind of having a love/hate affair with marathoning, but that is a different story.

And it’s Labor Day already this weekend? Holy moly.

On another front..I can’t wait to share how the fall is shaping up for me.

How is everyone elses training going? Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with marathon training? It feels eternal yet also I feel like I need so much more time.


  1. I didn't even realize it was Labor Day this weekend. This summer has flown by!!! And I can't wait to HEAR how the fall is shaping up :)